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The new Toyota Yaris American is Mazda 2

1 April is a difficult day to make decisions on this draft at a corporate level. But Toyota was the day chosen in the United States of his new Yaris. The Toyota American Yaris was very similar to the European one so far, but for a few months it had been selling, because of the scarce sales. It is that story Japanese facilities return to Yankee's landbut if she is turning to Mazda 2. Although Toyota's on-screen screen logos are scattered all over its body, it is for Mazda for everything. What will happen to Europe Toyota Yaris?

Toyota has turned to Mazda to restore Yaris in the USA. Use this Mazda architecture let Toyota save a large amount of money on improvements, and Mazda – who makes the car in Japan – make them better use of their fertility. Of course, Mazda and Toyota had already collaborated on the launch of Scion iA, Mazda 2 with a sedan body. a & # 39; differently between the Toyota Yaris and Mazda 2 the grille and the anti-Yaris, offensive and angry cutting – are a clear distinction to soft and friendly lines of Ph Mazda.

This news does not affect the continuity of European Toyota Yaris, produced by Toyota Manufacturing Europe in Valenciennes, France.

The interior is the same as within Mazda 2excluding the current logo in the middle of the control wheel. This is certainly good news. Within Mazda 2 has good construction and beautiful design. Improved completion of the earlier, simpler and shorter characteristics of the Toyota Yaris. As a result, the new Toyota Yaris equipment has a 7-inch screen fully compatible with both Auto Auto and Apple CarPlay. Innovatively, the Toyota Yaris American will only be sold with a gasoline engine.

A simple and reliable 1.5 kilograms, with 106 HP, distributed to the equipment through an automatic movement box of six friendships. To short, a simple, reliable and economically viable car. You can have more than enough equipment, keeping a reasonable price for the normal Yaris. What we are asking now … What will happen to Europe Toyota Yaris? The answer is not for now. Although it is an old carriage, it has been deeply restored twice and in Europe for it is a second joy – and separate commercial products – thanks to its hybrid versions.

The European Toyota Yaris has been awarded two shifts since it was launched at the end of 2011.

Toyota sells more than half of the European Yaris with hybrid engines. This mechanic is – along with a new ECO label of the DGT – because the Yaris currently has a good sale, despite the sale for eight years. As a testament to the media, Toyota Australia confirms that the Yaris – like the European one – did not go anywhere. Mazda 2 has no hybrid variants in its field. I would say at the moment, our Toyota Yaris will never be anywherealthough it may be a substitute for this machine.

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