The piece will do & # 39; Monday for holiday in the United States

CITY OF MEXICO.- EAfter the Mexican penalty left This Monday against the dollar, in a session marked by the lack of economic information and the closing markets in the United States for Presidential Day Presidential Days.

An interbank dollar It closed at 19,2785 units based on figures published by Bank of Mexico. On the day, the weight lost 0.01 per cent.

At a bank window, the greenback has been sold at 19.55 units, similar to the number reported on Friday as a & # 39; closed by Citibanamex.

The exchange rate of the opponent passed the dollar up to 19.2845 units on Monday, and was reported to the # 39; minimum at 19.2021 in the market of a market.

The market share partners did not move to occupation in pesos practically, before changing the remote changes to the dollar in the international context.

The index that measures the performance of the green ticket against a a basket of ten money Choose 0.02 percent.

Decrease your retrieval as a Monday shelter asset in response to signage that The United States and China get an agreement to stop war between the two countries.

The president Donald Trump He announced at the weekend that the talks with the Asian giant have been "very important". This situation expands its & # 39; confidence, if necessary, the date for new targets can be submitted as next March should be extended for 60 days.

Although the hope that is applicable in the markets measured on Monday this as a result of a report from the United States Commerce Commission, is given to President Donald Trump, who wants to be a starting point want to include taxation on & # 39; including campsites from countries of the European Union.

In another area, favorable behavior is seen in the & # 39; oil market, which helps & # 39; gives some support for the Mexican money.

Texas's raw oil price increased 0.85 per cent to 56.06 dollars per barrel, and Brent ranges 0.32 to 66.46 dollars, led by cuts to OPEC representation, as well as United States sanctions on Iran and Venezuela.

The exchange rate is supported by 18.88 units in the & # 39; market market. Although the struggle is available at 19.50 units.

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