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These are the seven films that Marvel could release after Endgame Avengers

after that Captain Marvel and the Avengers trailer: Endgame We're nearly ready to see the Avengers results and fight them than Thanos, where they try to take the Thanos activities and bring back the jewels of inhumanity.

We know it is fulfilled, because Marvel has already been shown to deliver the next 7 films to enter theater between 2020 and 2022, and form part of the UCM (Marvel Cinematic Universe) ), and that's why the Cape Avengers are expected to oppose the Thanos fight, what we don't know is the cost and what will be the victims of death in that mission.

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But which of the following NUS films are here, here we tell you …

Spider: Far from the home

We already knew that this was the first film after Endgame, indeed the day will spread on July 5, 2019, so we'll see the story of Peter Parker in London.

According to different rumors, in this film we could see Peter Parker to the death of Tony Stark, but we must wait for Endgame to go out with doubt.

Black Widow

First delivery Black Widow he will continue with the stories from the Avengers, and the second film will be the woman of the NUS. The film is due to be released sometime in 2020 and will start recording in this March.

Here we have to know about history Natasha Romanoff Before they went to the Avengers, everything goes through the years before Endgame.

Black Panther 2

King Wakanda will have a second tranche to be published in 2021, and it is obvious that the timeline is after Endgame. This means Black Panther returns from his death in the Infinity War.

The Eternals

Known as The Eternal, it's about some of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe all, that are a group of gods governing the world. In fact, we have already seen one of the Eternals in one of the Galaxy's movie keepers, so this story is like hitting a timeline before Endgame.

The film starts burning this summer, and will be released until year 2021.

Strange doctor 2

As a Black Panther, Doctor Strange will be returning from the dead, as his second film will be released in 2021, and it will also be in a timeline after Endgame.

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This is the first Asian film taking place in the NUS, it is expected to be released in 2021, but at the moment we don't know that Daniel Cretton is at the address. , and David Callaham led the script.

Defenders of the Galaxy Vol.3

Following the good news of returning James Gunn to lead this film, the Galaxy Defense will return in 2022. Similarly, the film will be on the timeline after Endgame, and like we don't know what characters will appear in the new delivery – so we'll know it next month.

What is the most film you expect and why?

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