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They find out how to make "invisible" people to mosquitoes

American scientists found it was mosquitoes use smell as a key way to find the victims, finding a way for experts to make people "undetectable" for these insects.

The study, published in the current scientific journal Current Biology, revealed his research into the smell of cThe mugged eggs were swept away from the human to attract mosquitoes.

The smell of the human smell is a complex mix of portable chemicals that make us different from other guests who may be there. " Researchers

According to experts, the key is located in an obscure oblique figure called a Ir8a. The researchers found that mosquitoes without an active form of the gene do not feel so attractive to humans.

  • These results include the potential for new audits to be enabled introducing more effective sugar of mosquito.

If you cancel the Ir8a appointment to remove around 50% of the research activity. " Researchers

Aim of research

Chief author of the survey, Matthew DeGennaro, a mosquito neurobiology researcher at the Florida International University in Miami, says the ultimate aim is improve wildness that protects people from mosquito bombs.

The prevention of diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, zika and malaria, can be a barrier to our prevention of mosquitoes. " Matthew DeGennaro, researcher

In an interview with the online science news service, EurekAlert, the researcher said “trying to find new solutions and preventing mosquito bones” needed to understand the molecular base of the behavior.

  • Experts are now hoping to get a closer look at the route IR8a. The next stage will focus on carrying out chemical experiments to create new attractors and sugar of mosquito.

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