They overthrow the Epic Games of plagiarizing skin on the skin of Fortnite


Sometimes, after a complaint of plagiarism, a group of DeviantArt users found out everything was false. What has happened is that Elecast did not compile, which made the complaint, some of his DeviantArt publications to display art with Taro, the skin Fortnite. Although this change was found, Elecast had argued that he had done this to add to a watermark. In this way, he was believed to have done just to defend his work.

Afterwards, Elecast won the images in which he referred to the plagiarism there. He pulled out Facebook post where he was laying down on Epic Games. At present he has not reported on this situation. For his own part, Epic Games has also stayed quiet. We will be able to come along and tell you if there is any improvement.


Skin Fortnite they are a goldmine for the Epic Games, because it generates millions of dollars per month. That's why most of these designs are very attractive, just for buying. However, not all the comments for the uniforms at home will rise, as people are frightened of the developer making a new plagia.

Twitter users began to share Facebook posts that show that the Taro: Protection of the Wilds Fortnite which has an almost identical format to a photograph uploaded by DevianArt with the Elecast user. The most important thing is that the picture was uploaded in September 2018, when the skin was sold for November, 2 months later.

"Okay, this is … this is really shocking, that a company like Epic Games is getting a design out a little artist to make a profit (because he sells his skin) … not providing credit or going on. "

After questioning several media, the developer added the following statement: t

“We take this seriously and we are currently researching them. "

This is not the first time a similar controversy has occurred at Epic Games, since in recent months it has produced a number of plagiarism drugs in some of the dances.

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