They say that Momo & # 39; back and now on YouTube Kids: Is the danger really?

In recent days, global warnings have appeared among groups of parents, the media, and even police at various sites on some videos on the YouTube Kids platform that show content of violence or not suitable for children. Complaints include returning & Momo, a viral character that presents the dangerous challenge to the user, finishing with some serious violence or self-kill.

They get suicides in YouTube Kids videos

The call Momo Challenge (no Momo challenge & # 39;) in the summer of 2018 when reports on children with self-harm were reported as a result of Facebook and Whatsapp interactions with character with the name & Momo. In addition to the blue whale game, users need a string of dysfunction; follow orders, but if they disappear from the game, the sealer has a & # 39; threatened with images or macabre videos, or even curses.

Although the original reports were for those who had been in the process, take their lives to play the & # 39; Momo challenge fake, the challenge became a viral evidence based on the dark design of its character. Later on, it was shown that the image created by a Japanese design house in Japan split out with the eyes of a Bulgarian, but this did not help to prevent the infirmity of users who were infected; try to make the viral challenge themselves.

The latest fear of this challenge is in videos of it Kids YouTube referred to as a common hysteria, the YouTube statement said:

In addition to news releases, we have not received recent evidence of videos that show or write; inspiring Momo's challenge on YouTube. This kind of content would break our policies and we will eliminate it immediately.

Unlike YouTube's main platform, YouTube Kids is harder to be able to; spread out content that could cause anxiety to listeners of young people. However, the mother of Florida mentioned this month that she was Get videos on YouTube Kids who show someone who guides how to cut the meat to kill them.

With additional information from BuzzFeed News.

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