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They show plans that Meghan and Harry would be after the birth of the royal baby

Very close to meeting the new member of the royal family who is expected to be born at the end of the year. April, it was announced that Meghan Markle she has already done everything that is designed for her next maternity leave, according to the royal expert Distribution It may be up to a year for a changing her new post as a mother.

For now, the first step is that; in order to recognize the new family of the Dukes of Sussex to go to; finishing the move and everything is ready at home in Windsor, Frogmore Cottage. This home is 10 rooms, fun, The yoga studio, day care, among other resources and can be redesigned slowly and is the best position in Meghan Give half of your home maternity leave to confirm improvements made in your home.

The magazine Hello has appeared to be very similar Doria Ragland, mother the shower travel to the United Kingdom to help her when the baby is born, especially in the first week of changing with the child. Yes Prince Harry He also plans to spend time with the child, although he does not save him from going to London whenever he needs to be a career.

This change of residence will continue to his / her mother and forecasts royal baby away from the city's presidency and may have a privacy; first generation. In addition, by staying out of her & # 39; Public radar the Duchess can enjoy country walks with the peace of mind that is not paparazzi. stop them Darren McGrady, an old royal chef who lived Frogmore Stables in an interview with that magazine.

"Harry and Meghan can walk on their dogs, go to any place on a free part. There is a nine hole golf course in Home Park, 10 minutes away Frogmore Cottage. This is Mulberry Step with black trees, a small farm with cows that were a gift to Queen Elizabeth II, "said the store.

Finally, despite the fact, concrete date is not yet returned to the real activities after its birth. It is true that this is based on the birth of the Kate Middleton and with the way, in this last disease he took six months, so that may be that Meghan Will come back at the end of September.

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