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They start selling Corona beer at the OXXO

FEMSA The Oxxo agreed that his co-authorship would agree to his / her; market on its shelves as mountain brands Group Modal.

"Starting in April 2019 and gradually involved, Grupo Modelo Mountain Messages will begin to sell at Oxxo stores in certain areas of Mexico until the end of 2022 to cover the entire national border", A company said in a statement sent to BMV.

A retail company explained that the markets where OXXO is to have; Start selling both simultaneous record charts in 2019 and # 39; including the Districts of Guadalajara and the City Center.

"This opening will expand the productivity of the lane sector within Oxxo's stores, and enhance the growth of its breeding business in Mexico," said the document.

The company decided that an agreement must be formalized by registering a & # 39; contract Individuals, which are expected to occur during months March 2019.

Some of the Group Model signals will be a market opening Corona Extra, Corona Light, Special Model, Black Model, Pacific, Montejo and Estrella Jalisco.

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