They treat someone with diabetes in a clinic, and their white blood was found

The next clinical issue includes a German anti-diabetic patient, 39, arriving at the emergency room in a hospital in Cologne, Germany, with a picture of nausea, evaluation, headache and in a state of operation.

When treated with doctors, who pulled blood exams, they realized it was full of fat and so they needed to take them out to help them save their lives , according to a report published in Annals of Medical Inclusion.

The patient has high levels of triglycerides – the type of fat that is present in the blood – their risk is to increase the risk of heart disease.

According to the National Health Institutions (NIH), average levels are considered to be below 150 mg / dL. Very high over 500 mg / dL. Men reached 14,000 mg / dL.


The amazing thing is not just the measurement of the survey. The doctors did more attention in the colorful appearance of their blood, according to the authors of the case report, the doctors Philipp Koehler and Matthias Kochanek, at the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany, a & # 39; deal with the patient.

He had previously been diagnosed with diabetes and had a history of his chapel. He also produced a number of medication medicines in gradually.

According to LiveScience, he lost a hospital awareness and needed to submit a satellite tube.

First, doctors try to remove excess fat from their blood by means of a device and methodology called plasmapheresis. However, the blood that got the machine had so much ghal and it could not be used.

Instead, the doctors needed to clear their hand by hand by blood.

Finally, the tests also revealed that there was human diabetes ketoacidosis, a fatal problem of diabetes that will occur when it breaks off; fat body rapidly, causing a collection of acids in the blood called ketones, reciting the NIH.

Ketoacidosis occurs because the body does not occur; make enough insulin. It is, in part, pouring insulin in the muscles, which looks very tough.

How do you control triglycerides?

Reduce the calorie number to achieve the appropriate weight.

Increase the use of fiber in the diet.
Reduce fatty fat (meats, sausages, milk) and cholesterol.

Reduce the amount of consumed carbohydrates (bread, rice, potato, flour, pasta); Best option for the default settings.

Small alcoholic dysfunction can make changes to the reduction in three-dimensional levels.

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