this is how Ash Ketchum appeared in the Niantic game

Pokemon GO Ash Ketchum

At the time Day Fool and April, the same thing as North America of Innocents Day, companies like Google are doing a series of activities. For example, the Mountain View company has confirmed that you can play the mythical Nokia Snake mythology in Maps for about a week, apart from 3 interesting strategies. Even OnePlus is mentioned caramel with potent buildings. The video game world has not been escaped from this important day since then GO Pokemon introduces Ash for Squirrel Day in April.

The recently-named Niantic star A new event called the Pokémon Bichothat they did not want to lose opportunity This day of the day will be innocent. So, as they report from the Twitter account Couple of Gaming, the mobile game based on Nintendo's successful suffrage These include the Ash Ketchum for a short time, it's only you can't see it now.

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Today, there are Pokemon GO players You can get Ash Ketchum and Pikachu with the top of Ash in the famous claim. To see the two main characters, t just need to photograph. This is a time-limited event which requires use of the Instant GO work and what you can do you can see these two characters when you are photographing.

Ash Ketchum appears for a short time in Pokemon GO

To do this, you need to open the app, go to the money list, choose the camera and take pictures of your Pokemon. When you return to the picture gallery you can see Pikachu with Ash horse, even in shiny form, and the famous Pokémon trainer.

In addition, those users who are performing the best photos and sharing it on Twitter can use the hashtag #GOsnapshot and #anipoke, look at your catches in the coming times of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

It is worth noting that the Niantic starry work started on 2 April a new event in which the main characters such as the Pokémon demean Bicho are basedand that will continue until the next April 9. During this period these coaches will see Pokémon will appear more common in the country, amongst other things.

Reference to the image | NintendoWire

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