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This is the worst error you can make with a ketogenic diet

The severity of the diet is likely to be smoked by a promise of " tfor a special day“Or“ day of attraction ”every so often, what harm may be capricorn after several weeks of control? The truth is that we've been using a restricting diet carbohydrate supporting grass as an energy source, the most important thing to the populationKeto DietO ' ketogenicmaybe one day of theology adverse impact on heart health and blood assault.

Measurement of 75 grams of ghlucose, which is equal to the content a big bottle of soda or a sliced ​​plateIt is enough to destroy the veins, say researchers at the College University of British Columbia Internally Okanagan (Canada). To be examined, published Nutrition, referring to the method which causes energy consumption of body fat, which is used to heal medicine. Type 2 diabetes and in some cases, the epilepsybut that is also fashionable way of weight loss.

“The keto diet is; "It's very common," he says. Little Jonathan, principal investigator and associate professor School of Health and Exercise Sciences of the UBCO. "It's eating." food rich in fat, moderate protein but very low in carbohydrate. That affects the body to enter the state called # 39;ketosis““ That means the body's body, its loss of its favorite fuel – the t sugar– starting burn the lipid lines abruptly.

The change in biology has shown that he is able to turn the symptoms of certain diseases, but that is not what gave him fame, but he will quickly create it. In exchange for a charge then: lglucose tolerance would be restricted and, in these cases, the. t introduction of sugar may be high in their bloode. This, which visits the researchers, has been linked with previous studies the increased risk of blood vessels.

In order to find out what the true effects of the "special day" would be, experts will be employed nine young men in a good state of going out to people who fed their ketogenic diet for seven consecutive days: in which they were 70% of fat, 10% of carbohydrate and 20% of protein. The first day was a drink of 75 grams of glucose and the last.

"What we were looking for first things like an irregular response or suffering on blood glucose," he explained. Cody Durrer, a post-doctoral researcher. “But we discovered that this was called blood biologists the walls of the veins were damaged depending on the sudden number of sugar. "According to the authors, each accountable person would bury his own metabolic response to too much glycemic activity." the arterial wall cells have been ripped and dying.

“Although it was all other sides it was about boys who were in good health, when we value their cardiovascular health after drinking alcohol from the alcohol. the results are likely to come from someone with a heart problem. It was, in a way, scary"Little phlegmatically explain, the sample of the small work was unworkable and the authors agree that there are more checks required, but their conclusions are enough t stopping a halt if we are following Keto diet;.

“What worries me is that people on the ketogenic diet are, at least, losing weight for diabetes or any other medical reason that they may have.” T solving the possible effects on your arts if you travel suddenly t"appears from the Canadian researcher.

"Especially if they are people. T previews to suffer from heart disease. Our research tells us that Keto & # 39 are not a good food; it was taken for six days and on the Sabbath, "it is a decision."

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