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This is what you should know

From the start of last year, there was a estimate of coming to Mexico from a payroll system WhatsApp, to allow users to make all kinds of movement from the app's appearances. Now this principle is going to be a truth even though not everyone intended the way.

There is no secret that WhatsApp is one of the world's most popular apps, between January and July last year, users have more than 85,000 210 million hours.

The information is not surprising if we believe that the instant messaging application is managing the sector with more than a thousand 500 million users all around the world, and after him in detail Facebook Messenger with 1,300 million and for Wechat with a thousand 058 million.

In Mexico, this is estimated to be close 91 per cent Smartphone users use this communication platform, set up for the bank Santander It has been an opportunity to improve customer experience.

Changes in "whatsapp"

In this way, the financial center has designated an application to send money through WhatsApp for amounts from 10 up to 4000 pesos, both for operations among Santander's buyers and to apply buyers of other banks.

Through a press release, the bank has shown that this solution will start on work this month with accounts from its bank Santander TAP, in May to reach most of the customer base they do not have to pay there is no commission fee by sending or receiving money, as well they should not download a supplementary program or program. t to keep to this approach.

With this publication, Santander is the first bank in the country to use this resource to make the operations of its clients easier, and Mexico is set in the first group's market to match the region. T solve the problem.

Generally speaking, the banking institution is made up of WhatsApp payments: t

  • Available for iOS and Android clients
  • It will be enough for buyers of debt cards to have with the bank and to have the Santander Supermobile app.
  • Discussions can be held each day (up to a limit of 4000 pesos) or in one business between world anywhere without a limitation of time.
  • To close the transaction, the user doesn't need to know CLABE interference, the account number or the recipient's card, it's enough to have their contact in WhatsApp.
  • If the beneficiary does not have a bank account, he can open a Super Digital account at this time, which is run entirely by Santander.

How does it work?

The operation of this solution includes three simple steps: 1.-Select WhatsApp the link to which the money is added; 2. Enter the amount you apply; 3.- Insert the previous user key, prevents someone who has not made an owner.

An exciting Santander suggestion considering the size and growth of the moving market, which according to Statista estimates, is the value 22,000 740 million dollarsIt might be 2020 745,000 124 million dollars.

Santander has now become directly involved in the major applications for mobile payments in the world, according to Juniper Research, t WeChay, Alipay, PayPal, Apple, Samsung Pay, Amazon Pay.

Although the application is interesting, the fact is that the bank needs to verify and know how to express the security values ​​of the system to the confidence of the users of Mexico. interpretation, very close to banking services.


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