Those at B: Death scale: Line Line

Culiacán, Sin.- The ones on the London night were not the notes born on a bass or box …

The instruments of death musicians and orphans were consistent. And Jorge Cáceres was no longer a spokeswoman but was the sole deputy in his position.

The singer of the music group Los de la B lies in the middle of the street. Murdered by bullets that were when he was waiting for the Culiacán Civil Hospital.

Those who have seen say that the musician that was held in a vehicle when another man was stopped, down with a music instrument instrument for anything .223 quality.

At his mercy, he let down the scale without writing on the staff.

The experts say that a woman was hit with bullets shot from the AR-15 attack rifle and moved to a private clinic …

The interpreter "Na Dathan", "The G3" and "The 30" is thrown. There are two police polices that indicate their final stage and their; family call. Relatives and partners are praised by a voice written by the silence on the death scale.

The "tell me is not true" content is heard; "the Father God, making it up …" is heard.

Álvaro Obregón de Culiacán, the way that was killed in corridos, was shot with vehicles.

He, the ones who were with him in the 27 years, shout and others.

Jorge Cáceres, musician Los de la B, walked out of run. Someone did not like his voice and C did not let his life into it.

His death may be a raw material for the words that are at a grit; It describes the evening that was reconstructed by a loudness of heroism with deputies and sung by a spokesman of the Mexican regional area …

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