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Todd's "Todd" on "After": "Women should not be feeling embarrassed about wearing their sexuality" The Exchange | Light | Cinema

Term # 39 'robots; It has been a great resource for teenagers today. Of course, a 'Fanfic'; is encouraged by the One Direction British band published in the application Wattpad he was in charge of changing life Anna Todd, the American writer has today been a symbol of youth literature with thanks to his books "After".

This Thursday, April 11th, the film based on the story of Todd who wrote out on a Peruvian silver board. "After" follow Tessa Young (Josephine Langford), a young girl with life He goes on his head when he meets Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin), she asks about everything about her and what she wants. We spoke to the writer about this new product which mixes literature and the internet.

► "After: a cinema will open to the cinema and these are its characters

As with other occupations, literature can be complex. You will never know if you can stand any time in your life from the rest of the authors. Some writers have been inspired by survival from literature to engage in other jobs and therefore to be able to sustain on a daily basis.
Yes, I've been working on everything that you can think of. Attending people, caring for children, in restaurants. These jobs learned me to be able to choose what I wanted to do. They helped me explain my role.

And do you remember the moment when you decided you wanted to be a writer?
Honestly, it wasn't until the publisher of a book contacted me that I wanted to publish my work. For years, I lived in denial of his love of it "After". Even when I put it on the Internet, I didn't believe a lot in the book. I never thought I'd ever be able to survive or give me a career in my texts.

But, did you ever write? Or was it a struggle that you found working on "After"?
I enjoyed reading but it was after publication "After" I found a new interest. I've never been thinking about writing, they have a university job, some that don't. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I didn't let that dream follow me.

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This film will then be based on Anna Todd's first book, Thursday April 11.

What does Wattpad mean to you?
It changed my life. It's a place that allows you to be creative and free, which allows you to publish without fear. I am delighted the reader is the person who has decided, the following is the truth of the writer. Normally, an author has to wait for a books publisher to be found and decide whether the story is published. In Wattpad he works differently, anyone can see the books and see if they like, or finally, enjoy them.

Why do you think your books have become an international phenomenon? What factor did you connect as much to the reader?
That is something that I cannot understand, but I think that applies to everyone that has a character. Someone is reserved as Tessa, another secret as Hardin. Something that all my readers say it doesn't matter if they are between 16 or 45 years old, the book reminds them that someone who doesn't want to be suitable, is different t from the rest. As people, we are always trying to explain who we are. No matter what language, age or country you came from, everyone can link to the story.

When the story of a book moves to the large screen, supporters fear that the film will alter the text of the text. How did you show that?
Fortunately, I can say I have been part of the process of improving the 100% film. From the day out. I was looking for the actors, I was working on the script, etc. I had a recorded daily. I came to a lot in the process, I know everything that happened behind the tape. I am pleased with the outcome as they have an old story. This is the nearest to me. […] As the supporter of different books, I also feel that I am afraid that my favorite character is extinct or that they change their personality. It's frightening, but here's the necessary changes. Especially for a character such as Hardin. It's different to read because he thinks he is listening live and just when he is saying his lines. With this process, I realized that it doesn't mean that something in the book means that it should appear in the film. I know that there will be assistants to make the book larger, but that is unavoidable.

With the "After" success, the sexual relationship between Tessa and Hardin characters became a permanent topic for discussion. Even, he even said it was a version 'Light & light'; of the wonder "Fifty shades of Gray". Many of you criticized you for that.
Firstly, I love the story "Fifty color of Gray." I like it that it takes the idea that women don't have to feel embarrassed about looking at a species. It is necessary to discuss these issues, about sex education. It is not fair to say that the girls who read my books are too young "don't speak or talk about sex" t and men can do it. When I never saw a video game [para chicos] that doesn't include female characters. The men eat this from young people and no-one criticizes them. Why does someone want to tell me that I can't write or read about sex? Your son also does it and, above all, in a healthy way. "After" strengthen girls It is important to tell a teenager that she has opportunities to talk about sex and that they do not have to hide. Women should not feel embarrassed when talking about these issues.

Do you recognize the character of Tessa? Would you say that it is a perfect version of what you wanted to be when you were old?
Indeed, I feel that I am recognized by all the characters. I have a whole piece of it. Because Tessa is a prime job, people think she is the one I recognize with the majority. But, in fact, I feel closer to the way Hardin thinks.

What other subjects would you like to write in your next book?
Slavery Although it's a subject that I've also spoken in the first place. Tessa is a character who is, in a particular way, a tragedy to Hardin. On the other hand, Hardin is an adventure. I like to write about topics that people can feel uncomfortable, don't speak much at all. I always wanted to be that writer.

Are there plans to add "sequel" to "After" on the big screen?
It all depends on the success of this film, but the script is already discussed and we have done some work. I can't say anything yet as there is nothing official.

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