Very courageous There are two American-Chivas classic within five days

Mexico City / /

Make ready for a weekend of humor in a Mexican wedding pen! Between the 12 and 13 March an Seasonal definitions of the MX Cupto live where to play first time of two Light Cloud that will live in less than five days.

And that is America and Chivas It will also be addressed but in Liga MX, during the Day 11 of 2019 closing, registered for March 16th at Stadium Academy; the girl A & A will be in the Aztec, so everything is even good for both recreation.

Something similar to it happens Spanish League, because this Wednesday is & # 39; to return Synopsis of the Copa del Rey between the Real Madrid and the Barcelona, affecting and ending the culce's destination; at the same time next Saturday, March 2, in just three days, they will only meet each other at a & # 39; case Day 26 of LaLiga.

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