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VIDEO, PHOTOS: SpaceX has launched Dragon Crew on "historic" test aircraft to the ISS

The space capsule, which carries more than 180 kilograms of supply and equipment, will be automatically activated to the International Speech Station on 3 March.

Space X has launched the Dragon Dragon on a "historic" test exercise to the International Speys Center (ISS) on Saturday, to show it's ready for NASA to bring American speeches to the place.

"We have been leading American ammunition astronauts on US rockets from US soil for the first time since the space track was held in 2011," spread this Friday on his Twitter account, NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine. This test plane is an "essential level" on the way to this goal.

In 2014, NASA has been selected SpaceX, as well as competing in, and # 39; striving for the ISS in a program and program & # 39; Commercial Team & Commercial (& # 39;) Team, which aims to revitalize American astronautic capabilities to & # 39; move from the USA

Until now, rooms will go to place Soyuz Russian spaceship.

The Dragon Crew is launched alongside the Falcon 9. Company tells the capsal is a spatial, which is carried on board Over 180 kilograms of provision and the device, is automatically linked to the ISS on March 3.

The ship spent five days with the orbiting laboratory before returning to Earth on 8 March.

In addition, an antropomorphic test machine is aboard (a test) called Ripley & # 39 ;.

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