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Vive Latino 2019: Summary and tenancy partnerships (day 2) t

Thank you for joining us in this minute from a minute 20 years from the international Vive Latino festival.

Enjoy other groups who have not yet appeared on the official Vive Latino 2019 website.
Follow up transmission The Castañeda through the Vive Latino 2019 digital platform.
It has been a festival Incredible Vive Latino 2019, with major moments on stage plus entertainment in each area of ​​the event.

The end of this 20th anniversary of Vive Latino is coming. Some of the bands expected to perform at this festival events are, for example, Korn or La Castañeda, t among others …

The view Escena Indio is for Santana, which already delighted his audience with electric guitar … t

This closes one of the major exhibitions of this Vive Latino in 2019, t undoubtedly one of the leading groups of fans is in this festival as the Tacuba Café. A major exhibition by this Mexican group that is therefore starting to mark 30 years of a passage.

"What about anyone! … Papa ra papa ueoooo!", One of the most popular moments of Café Tacuba support is: DATA AND SALON are heard in Foro Sol and everyone who attends plays.

"I have fallen in love with a girl's group, I have fallen in love with my black skin … And I gave my love, in the LIVE LIVE! ", Rubén Albor is singing amongst the people.

THE BAND GIRL! And everyone who leaps in the Foro Sol, the huge feeling amongst the people who enjoy a Café … One of the best times of this exhibition.

Now Rubén Albair is inviting Ávvaro Henríquez, a member of Los Tres, to the stage and sounds "Déjate caer" … People also make their part and take part in the interpretation of this subject.

They make themselves known to the Tacuba Café, they sing: "oeh, oeh, oeh, oeh … Coffee, coffee!" … Rubén Albums thanks her followers for this particular moment. SUENA CLASSIC BANDA.

The view is unique for Foro Sol, Rubén Albar invites everyone to raise their hands so that it looks like a variety of flowers. T and immediately beginning to reveal the theme of "Las Flores", one of the finest songs in the Tacuba Café.

Rubén Albor, singer-song Café Tacuba, invites the platform Flor de Toloache, a female mariachi band. "I hope they'll remember 'and people will be caught in the Foro Sol.

Rubén Albray, from the Tacuba Café, says that at the moment he has lost the love of men … He immediately starts playing "As I miss you my love", and he shouted to the public in Foro Sol.

Among white confetti, Juanes bids farewell to her followers. A nice show that the Colombian performed tonight in this festival.

"I fell in love," Juanes sings, and all her fans will join him in a concert called Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez, which then thanks his listeners.

Now he is "the black shirt", one of the great successes of this group. People sing for everything they give, they will start making all the beer …

The Colombian Juanes explain “La Paga” with which the people move in Scene Indian Scene …

Bunbury thanks all of his listeners: "we love you," said the Spanish musician and composer, impressing the thousands of people who have gathered to exhibit.

Time for "Lady Blue", one of Enrique Bunbury's favorite songs as a musician. People help with refrain, broad-ranging "Ladyyyyyyy, ladyyyy bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue".

Enrique Bunbury comes from the stage to be closer to the fans who fully support the Spanish musician and writer.

CLASSIC OTHER THANKS! "Maldito Duende" is played for Foro Sol … A good feeling of the audience who sing “the stars are a sign to you and serve as a direction you feel so strong that you don't think anyone can handle you ”.

Enrique Bunbury travels throughout the stage as they perform "Yes", as in the old days. Spanish language interacts with the public, wants to be near the people.

Bet on rock and roll, the next song performed by another classic classic Enrique Bunbury from the stage in the Heroes del Silencio.

Enrique Bunbury is now intones of "El extranjero", a topic he handed over to all Middle Americans t who are looking for the American dream every day; The musician will be approached for this revival.

"Good luck to you", another sound of Enrique Bunbury's sounds on the main stage t of this Vive Latino 2019, and people surrender to their empire.

Bunbury now plays "Mar adentro", and for this he wants the support of the people in the venues, much to the exhibition. Many of the Spanish supporters.

"We're going to play a song from prehistory," said Enrique Bunbury before playing "Hero of legend", classic of Heroes of Silence, an organization with which Bunbury won successfully.

Haelos is located in the Doritos tent. The three members are joined by British nineties trip-hop-lovers: Lotti Berndout, Arthur Delaney and Dom Goldsmith.

Rubén Albray, from the Tacuba Café, takes her step to join Los Tres. This type of co-operation is only seen at a festival like Vive Latino 2019.

Alex Lora says a farewell farewell to a classic clarsach: "Long rock rock and roll!" And the same try as different opportunities that the people are brought to El Tri, a music group of 50 years.

It's time for the Rolling Stones in Indian Level. This moment he enjoys the Foro Sol, one of the best views of this 2019 Vive Latino.

"… they brought the souls to lead to this sad song of love", a great moment for Foro Sol! people give themselves to El Tri with one of their songs.

Chela Lora tamer appears on the stage! El Tri plays “Contigo compliant” while the interaction with the audience is following, Alex Lora asks several supporters,

Now the "Cielito Lindo" is sung in the strange style of El Tri. Shortly afterwards it is also heard "Mexico cute and dear"; Alex Lora wants people to welcome politicians in Mexico.

People turn on their mobile phones and switch them from place to place. El Tri has a relationship tonight, tonight!

It appears in the Indian Level "Dreamer Droch", people sing with all the words of this song. The united Integrated Sol Forum is a very good voice.

Now El Three plays “Metro Balderas”, people take part in everything, Alex Lora has a great relationship. Previously, Donald Trump took a few mother's words.

Alex Lora shows a mask of Donald Trump and people are starting to get it … The air of Foro Sol, currently!

Now Alex Lora will be putting on a cask, with a classical middle mark in the middle, to translate "Todo me dese mal" … People go crazy in Foro Sol!

Alex Lora presents the Mexico and Mexico flag for a pot of Anthem National Mexican … Shortly after, he started playing "Mente rockera".

"Bastards live in Mexico and live rock and roll!", This is how El Tri exhibits at the Indian stage of this Vive Latino 2019. "The fashionable race" is the theme that Alex Lora opens.

Great Bengal View tonight at Vive Latino 2019! The Mexican rock band which was formed in 2003 introduced new songs and their followers played on their class.

Illegales makes a sound in the Charpa Doritos … "Exhausted Wait to the end" one of the songs which generates the best answer in their fans.

Great Silence is the pure escarpment, The Great Silence is the very high sabros! The Sun Forum is waiting with the Regiomontan organization that is all present to meet those present before they say goodbye and thank them. What a great presentation they gave today and what they enjoyed.

Bengal appears on the stage of Indian Show and hitting all his fans to wait for display in this Vive Latino 2019.

In the Telcel Level Rastrillos does the same thing as dancing. It takes the whole audience to a reggae rhythm. Although he begins to say goodbye to his followers.

Big Sàbhaig Mòr will do step-dance in the hawk for followers of all ages. SUMMER A MILK alive in Indian Level. T

Orchestra Mondragón says goodbye to the people who make "Lola Lola" … a big exhibition which today gave to the Spanish organization that was created in 1976. Javier Gurruchaga thanks the audience!

The punk is following everything in the Carpa Doritos with the Los Viejos exhibition. It does not stop that the electric guitar is burning the spirits of the fans.

At the Carpa Doritos, Los Viejos rises to the stage, with spectacular masks carrying beard and grazing grazings. And the SLAM was already put together!

Tino the Penguin tries to jump to the public by "suffering and rescue" … A good feeling in the view, one of the best mumps of his exhibition, so far.

At the same time, in Telcel Stage, Tino the Penguin is already shouting his word … People have been turned into a special rapper style, which allows him to laugh at him.

The Los Estrambóticos rhythm already stands on the stage and every supporter waiting on them awaits them.

This is a wonderful climate that shows Odisseo in Vive Latino, to this day in the day's groups, which were at the root of the Indian roots.

One of the acts already expected is already on the stage, Odis is already playing to Vive Latino's audience. T

Rubén Albarran is also present with L Orquesta for singing on Mambo University and the Polytechnic

And the special guests will follow, La Banda el Mexicano takes the stage with the Orchestra

Orchestra of Dámaso Pérez Prado has a special guest; Regina Orozco will perform on "Who Will Be"

The Plastic Revolution presents their exhibition to the public

The Damaso Pérez Prado Orchestra relies on a Vive Latino frame to show his only new album, entitled "Mambo Afro".

And the atmosphere grows with Orchestra Dámaso Pérez Prado, whose mammalian rhythm rhythms everyone to dance

The Cluzo Inspector says a farewell to the stage with a massive performance, saying they will return to Mexico for a new date.

The Inspector Cluzo is given for the first time in Vive Latino and makes him known to the people, who support them with praise.

Also a Frenchman The Inspector Cluzo is exhibited at Vive Latino 2019 with some very good sound and air t

Start their second day with Rawayana on the Indian stage, instantly starting to introduce a landscape with Venezuelan Reggae and ska t

Welcome to Vive Latino's minute minute, one of the most important music events in Latin America.

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