Weather, a leading competitor for electric cars

The cold cold can drain the batteries electric cars, to reduce their self-control over time in more than 40% when heating is used, a study says.

Survey of five vehicles Electric made by AAA, the US motor vehicle aid company too, decides thathigh temperature too They can reduce devolution, but they are not as big as cold. The current range of temperatures in temperatures is more comfortable.

Many of the drivers found the constraints last week many of the United States hit by cold cold wave. Vehicle owners made by companies such as Tesla complains about social networks on reducing performance and frosting hands of the doors during cold fountains.

"As long as behaviors recognize that there are constraints when electric cars work in more rigorous situations, they are less likely to be inconvenient with falling in an independent non- independent, "said Greg Brannon, a team engineering director for AAA.

So the exams were

AAA tested on the BMW i3s, Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf of the 2018 modules and the 2017 models of the Tesla Model S 75D and the e-Golf Golf Volkswagen. Everyone has devolution at least 160km (100 miles) per car. The tests were carried out on dynamometers under tightened conditions.

The company inspected the vehicles at temperatures -6.7 ° Celsius (20 ° Fahrenheit) and 35 ° Celsius (95 ° F).

At -6.7 ° C, the average range fell by 12% when the intake was not used and 41% when used, the AAA said.

At 35 Celsius, the scale fell by 4% without alerting and 17% by air, saying the inspection.

For example, the study concluded that the devolution of the Tesla is full of staff at 24 ° C (75 ° F) It was 385 kilometers (239 miles), but it fell 146 kilometers (91 miles), 38%, at -6.7 C.

In a statement, Tesla argued AAA decisions. The company said they were based on the data collected from their cars on the roads, "The average Model S user does not suffer devolution in such a way". The company says that the range was down at 1% at 35 ° C, although it did not provide cold cold data.

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