"We're suffering a lot … We've never found the way to play"

Hibert Ruiz, Shar Sharks of Veracruz, made sure "the player is criticized, but a man tells what works a week and if you're working badly …".

Juvenal Olmos broke a long distance from football until, this year, re-directed. He joined the Sharing Sharks of Veracruz, in a & # 39; First Mexican department, hoping to return to become a trainer, however, left a little bit of knowledge, apart from a short time (between August and October).

In Mexico, at the same time, the reminiscences of Silein. And his own players now criticize it. In fact, the Aztec booklet, Hibert Ruiz, was found to have suffered as a group under the technical management of Silein. "We've suffered a lot with the people," he said, in relation to his / her; former national coach. "We've never got a way to play games, as we play. The player is often criticized, but one looks at the court what's going on work through the week. And when you're working badly … "he said, in statements the Mexican newspaper is republishing Half Time.

"If you do not do the job, what happened to us is happening," he added to the # 39; mid-player thrower, at a final date, in total, with ten tough points in 16 days, without any choice, so the league playoffs. "It's been a competition to forget. It has been extremely disastrous in every way. I hope we can send a prize to the last date, to finish well and unfortunately, unfortunately, thinking about the boundaries that are going down for the next year, "he closed.

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