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What is unusual and what are the risks?

In Bareback there is a non-male species. / Picture: The Memory

Rearing is a practice that has been increasing in recent years and which poses a large threat to health, particularly among the LGBT + community.

On Friday, 21 March, Ricardo Baruch, researcher and activist on HIV and Human Rights issues, give a talk about the practice barefoot and the dangers involved. In this place, They explained how important are tests from time to time to find HIV and other Sexual Injuries.

While someone is not barred from administering STI, it is a problem that is influencing an LGBT + community and people with sex other than men.

Ricardo Baruch as he introduced the crown and his dangers. / Image: Homosensual

Yes barefoot and why is it used?

The sexual relationships between men are, for example, one thing, deciding not to use a condom. This practice is particularly prevalent among the gas community and the wider community men who have sex with other men (MSM) t. MSM refers to men who don't consider themselves homogeneous or bilateral, but who have same-sex relationships.

a & # 39; barefoot It is used by people who, with full knowledge of the importance of condom use and the associated health risks, decide to find a “bare species” (as known). also). Key reasons include: the belief that HIV is now less common, more "natural" compared to a species protected, being sexually acquired by one partner, being involved in the use of condoms or use drugs. t

a & # 39; social networks, the internet and pornography they use the platforms that influence the decision barefoot. Many people email videos on social networks where there is unprotected species. The pornographic industry receives a big income through films where the actors do "sex bareback".

a & # 39; barefoot

The main health risk when working barefoot the distribution of ITS, such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV, among many others. A high rate of distribution from STIs is among the main cities in males firing with other males (MSM) that are needed barefootbecause most of them are unfamiliar with the state of health.

There is insufficient ignorance of the lack of information about the clinical condition if one thinks that is A number of groups will be offering free exams at various times in the Mexican capital. Other than that, it's medical and psychological support that has been re-activated because the test results are re-activated.

The disadvantage has been increasing, which has led to the roll out of ITS. / Image: RTV

Related practice is related to barefoot: the chasing a bug. It makes up of HIV spread between people who live with the virus and people who want to get it. In related applications, it regularly identifies people who use usage chasing a bug or on it barefoot, encouraging HIV or other STIs.

Key diseases brought into sex

HIV. It is spread through the sea sexually harmful or lethal, using shells or thread that was used by people who lived with his or her mother during pregnancy. HIV is present blood, semen, blood vessels and breast milk. In exceptional circumstances, HIV can be passed through the mouth; that is, when there are small pits in the oral pit that are in contact with body whorls and the full viral of the twin is high.

HPV. Human Papilloma virus there are no signs, that many of the public do not understand that they have their virus. There are a number of HPV types: t 16 and 18 are responsible for causing cancer in punishment, rectum and oropharynx; type 6 and 11 result in the appearance of headcuts, t causes harassment and uncomfortableness, as well as helping to spread HPV. It is important to say that this virus can be transmitted even using a condom. The Cdesica Condesa currently has a research protocol for HPV vaccines used people and MSM.

Hepatitis. Hepatitis cause an inflammation of the air, make it work properly. There are many ways in which Hepatitis can be found, with a common condition that is rare. In Mexico the number of Hepatitis A, B and C has increased. Currently, vaccine for Hepatits B is now available to children and adults in health centers.

Syphilis. It causes wounds in both genetic and respiratory areas. It can be easily spread if the person has been admitted to these injuries. Even though It is easy to treat (including the introduction of penicillin) can cause complications if not dealt with properly.

It is essential that medical checks are carried out to verify your health status. Statue: Clarine

Gonorrhea. Baictoria Gonorrhea It is distributed through weeds such as semen or prehistoric beer sex. Because of antibiotics, for example, self-administration or discontinuance, they are caused the bacterium has protected immunization.

Factors which reduce HIV transmission

One of the key factors that reduces the likelihood of HIV spreading Find out about the viral violation of their twins. If there is an inadequate virus in viral tests, there is no risk of it spreading. The higher the viral burden, the more risk that HIV will spread.

Published published by The Lancet We are saying that it is They could make sure they get HIV with 23% for men who take an active role in gender. However, this is It is NOT the reason for using the condoms.

a & # 39; use of flues It is also the decreasing factor of appearance of the virus being given. The aim of this well is reduce rubbish between the body and the rectum wallsavoiding internal injuries, such as tears and blood, which prevent the virus from entering the bloodstream. Also, to get it right PrEP and the PEP and medical treatments can dramatically reduce the risk of invalid human protective virus.

We thank Ricardo Baruch for sharing this information and recalling the importance of using condom as well as regular testing.

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