Why did his sea move away from the Acapulco shore?

Last weekend, in different points of it Acapulco his sea moved away from the beach up to 20 meters. The cultivation allowed to see the rocky bottom of the beach. This Sunday was on the Caleta and Caletilla beaches. Secretary of Defense Guerrero said it was an anticyclonic system in the shores of California, the United States. "

"It's an anticyclonic system based on the coasts of California, the United States"

Luis Javier Plata, a doctor in the seabed, explained this system: "The atmosphere is always moving, creating low and low pressure installations. In the half- The northern hemisphere, due to Coriolis acceleration, surrounds the atmosphere around the middle There is a high degree of external orientation behavior, creating an anticyclonic system ".

He said that "mesoscale philosophy" is "cyclical and anticyclone, which means that their degree of order is hundreds of kilometers". Although the anticyclonic system rises on the California coast, this impact usually affects our area. "According to wind, navigation instructions, the route in which the railroad or the anticyclone moves and the depth of the sea near the coastline , it is not surprising that these winds can be replaced by the waters out of the coast, so we can see that their sea has left, "said the doctor oceanology.

Is it a danger to the people?

"Whenever the winds weaken their sea, they return to their normal level, so there is no reason to be scared; & & # 39; The main responsibility for dragging up & # 39; This is also the case with other archaeological philosophy such as tsunamis, which has nothing to do with its & # 39; This case, but may be & # 39; impacting on being more dependent on any signs that may happen ", arguing Luis Javier Plata.

On Caleta and Caletilla beach, the cultivation occurred for 20 and 30 minutes, but that period of philosophy differs and promotes different factories.

"Returns to the normal level, the sea is strictly dependent, intense, the direction of the wind and the route in which the anticyclone is the move or the psychologist Responsible, these features are very variable and last up to a few days ", spread

A snack can occur at any time of the year; The reconciliation of the rounds, from May to November, Javier Plata.


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