With a Brunette campaign, mining companies will lose 38 mmdp in 3 days

Rupo Mexico and Peñoles are the two mineral companies with the most lost in the & # 39; BMV,
As long as Frisco and Autlán had a direct impact. Picture: Special

The uncertainty that created the Morena proposal in the Assembly, which seeks to deeper regulation of the land used by mining companies, causes the sections of The companies listed on Mexican Stock Exchange (after two days) BMV) are a stock market valuation of more than 38 billion pesos.

So far Grupo México has lost 25,000 223 million pesos since it was announced to introduce new provisions into the mining law; As long as the Peñoles business was a A record of 12,000 890 million pesos in market value.

According to Banco Base analysis, the number above produced that the S & P / BMV IPC of the Mexican Stock Company (BMV) would generate the session with 0.55 percent%, and & # 39; trading at 41,000 271.12 points, in session in & # 39; The number of work was 68.76 per cent lower than the average of 30 days.

Inside, there was a strong fall in mining stations to be watched for the third session after each other; Grupo México and Industrias Peñoles fell, 4.71 per cent and 3.49 per cent, respectively. Although the stock market deficit for Minera Autlán and Frisco has dropped 81.6 million pesos and 203.6 million, either the value of the capitalization.

Group fall by Grupo México three days after the distribution of information decreased by 1.87 per cent; As long as Peñoles was doing in 7.17 per cent; The previous day, the fall was 2.06 and 7.78 per cent, respectively.

Graphic: The Reason of Mexico

In addition to this tension, I will continue to & # 39; Mexican Stock Company for the third day in part-time jobs, with an additional emphasis made by Cemex, and the department fell by 2.45 per cent, with a share price of 9.16 pesos.

Cemex said that his Colombian company was split by some of its activists, including Edgar Ramírez, a former head of the Company's Planning, for anomalies that were Finding in terms of buying land for the construction of a crest center in Maceo, Antioquia.

In addition, Morgan Stanley left his proposal and a comprehensive price for the sections of Grupo México and Peñoles, announcing as well as other initiatives that were previously awarded in & # 39; Transport, which may indicate the position for the department.

Following the drop of banks listed on the Stock Company, after it also happened as a result of a recommendation by Morena in the Assembly to reduce the fees, Juan Musi Amione, general director of CI Fondos, -mach the series of statements that have happened around different situations, has made the markets anxious, which influenced the activities of the main banks in the country, as it right now.

At that time, the sections of the top five banks on the Price and Price list of the country fell by 5.81 per cent on Thursday on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), which meant a fall in the capital value of -oo those, of about 82 billion pesos.

At that time, Musi said, if the statements were still given so lightly, there was a danger that the movements would slowly continue to drag the BMV.

Falls of mining companies

The metal producers will showcase the campaign that Morena has to do; given.

  • Peñoles: Peñoles Businesses They started their trading on its & # 39; Mexican Stock Company (BMV) on 5 September 1961.
  • Grupo México: Actions of the mineral company currently named 38.91 pesos per title; They lost weight in 24 hours only.

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