With Roger's double ticket, America to Octavos from the MX Cup

Stadium Azteca / /

Came Nicolás Castillo served Roger Martinez, do not want to easily navigate the little things and show it a little bit to start it power of attack. The confirmation of this is the confirmation he has Necaxa in & # 39; MX Cup and there to be suitable for the Eighth Finals of the competition.

The Martinez weekend was part of it influenced Querétaro He loves him, and he understands that when Nico comes, the team's setting setting depends on everything they do inside the field.

Roger a full tank of explosion in & # 39; Stadium Azteca, every time Colombian met this member, this was explained to end the nets in the nets, which were shaken for his & her; The first time in the game with a penalty shot that was executed by Emanuel Aguilera

The second half of this meeting saw very few feelings as Roger appeared scoring capacity, and that is what begins with a & # 39; Colombian society has made the welcome run, to go alone and to eradicate Necaxist Reserve

Try the Rays to handle it visit with Ricardo Monreal, who about the way out of Oscar Jimenez He went on for the discount, but almost did not taste the visitors, because the minutes summary followed him back things with the third eagle feat and the second one of his personal account.

America ended up taking part in the # 39; group level Copper MX and you just need to wait until the last day is to be performed to find out what setting it will be and its location; Go into the games of the games directly eliminate.

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