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You see, you feel the CNTE is legislating

Despite and after all "it is not absolutely necessary for us." What is known as the evaluation process"Professor Michael said, as the President said on Friday, that the Representative Room should stop Uncle Lolo and engage with the CNTE to discuss and allow educational reform and address issues.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador is confident that "mainstream schools are strengthened, teachers will be prepared to do the education work with the quality of teaching …".

In an exceptional case only, what is learned in a professional profession is never appropriate.

The issues included to repeal pedanietista legislation on the matter (not to be actioned now unless the new one has risen), of course ensured that teaching was done unevenly, accurately and rigorously. as the faculty leadership took it from the initial 'penal' stage, which is a false warning.

While the performance of teachers in the classroom is not the only factor in school attainment and adolescents in a basic education system (pre-school, primary and secondary), their role is, of course. sure.

As the measure may be 'mummy' when the worst thing that could happen to a teacher who was improper or old-fashioned, it would have to make a bad job for his students, that he would administrative life?

It is not necessary to remember that the three assessments have been carried out in three stages: if the first stage was not delivered, there was an opportunity to prepare for a second and, if not the one that the examiner would lose for management of the classroom. It is not in isolation to include that the proportion of visiting teachers is very small, since the teaching profession is to be made, in most circumstances major work.

Those responsible for education policy need to know that the lowest levels of attainment in school performance are recorded in the National Co-ordinator's intake centers. Staffing. T Educated in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero and Michoacán. That is why it is decreasing that the CNTE, not the federal agents, believes they have agreed, which is the decision on the legislation.

The discounts granted to this terrorist group include not only the National Institute for Educational Assessment (which has disappeared in 17 years of incapacity of life) and the acceptance of of posts, similar but independent, with the Ministry of Education but, obviously, the barrier to any quality of the teaching profession.

And the more interest in childhood? Well with sadness, but much higher than that due to a group of hard trade … t

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