MG clearly defined work: Realization quarry in Trump-Land


Updated on November 27, 2018, 16:43

Donald Trump also strategically drives his "America First" strategy. Not only does this invade an aggressive attack, but above all. As General Motors is now the largest car manufacturer in the country and is involved in a decision by the US President.

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Tupelo's initiative seems to be part of Donald Trump: "Over the years, you were looking at powerful forces in Washington to move to jobs – that's going to change, "the US President opposed his followers in the Mississippi state.

With the fact that the United States General Motor Motors' largest car manufacturer made out that he had several factory closures and his / her; Thousands of careers cut something that Trump does not mention.

Indeed, the sad image of the slap car is quite acidic for US president in a number of ways.

Not only does the pollution plans show the future of key industries such as the auto industry is uncertain, disappointed for the lack of unemployment and the rise of the US economy as a result of his huge tax cuts.

It is a part of the real confusion that Trump himself is a bit of blame.

A car business is a courtyard under penalties

Because the US automation industry is surrendered under the US President's promotional debates with trade partners such as the EU or China.

"As is the case, Trump's criminal penalties are damaging to each side, and so the Americans have their own cut their own meat," said FDP, former chairman Michael Theurer.

In particular, the barriers to exports for steel and aluminum are important in the cattle. "The prices on the metals have taken us around billions of dollars in profits," said Ford CEO Jim Hackett at the end of September.

A special researcher in the USA with bad allegations against the Trump campaign leader.

This is public – unpleasant for the government of Trump in Washington – part of the work will be a motive GM motive; accepted so far directly to the reference to "substantially enhanced costs".

Officially, the reasons for Monday work are: In SUV and Piping in American love of small and medium-sized passenger cars, therefore, the production has changed to situations changing market. In addition, investments in auto cars and independent drives are required to prepare for the future.

GM headteacher, Barra Barra, wants to avoid as long as possible to continue her & # 39; worrying those who are famous for trying to attack Trump against themselves.

The principal manager told the US president on Sunday afternoon about her plans and apparently tried to make it difficult.

However, this was only partially partial – when collisions or major touring were made, but Trump made a clear statement: "There was a big mistake in GM," he said to the "Wall Street Journal". "I think they have forgotten where they came from."

Trump will ask GM to leave China

Trump asked its device company to stop it at & # 39; working in China and that place "Recently to open a new factory in the Ohio state of Ohio".

If the job has gone out there, it's "a problem", the risk of GM Trump GM Head. He also told reporters in Washington that the US had done a lot for MG – and that it was in a great position to put on the headquarters in Detroit.

The powerful power unit unit of AUW has been blocking its & # 39; GM dispute course, so its company could face a strong challenge from the Trump support team and staff representatives.

"A clear GM decision for reducing or closing work at US plants is longer and does more for the US market in Mexico and China to significantly harm American leader, "vice president of AUC Terry Dittes.

Indeed, due to recent business development, a GM problem program must be a hit for any of the nearly 15,000 employees who could be burned in North America.

He recently ran in the majority of cars around: In the fourth summer, sales rises from year to year with 6.4 per cent, the net profit was $ 2.5 billion. strong.

But the businessman's brakes business is so hard, so it's also a bad eye on the whole of the US economy.

Since 2009, the US equipment market has been up to a high level, and in recent years, sales of cheaper fuel and favorable levels of sales have benefited from sales records and major profits to makers.

The government of Trump influenced the economy that was in the past; This is the UK's growing year this year with large tax cuts, but now more and more experts are pushing to end the revival. GM and Ford had issued profit notices around the middle of the year. (ADD / mwo)

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