MG plans over 14,000 layoffs and closures 7 factories in 2019


(Bloomberg) – General Motors said he will put over 14,000 salaried workers and business workers, and send seven factories near the end of next year. This measurement is part of a radical restructuring, as it is preparing for a future where there is a greater number of electric vehicles.

Four factories in the US, one in Canada and two outside North America could close the doors by the end of 2019 if the mobile window and its unions fail to reach more agreement to these resources, GM said in a statement. . Together with the ditches, its company will have a & # 39; breaking some of the lower spinning sedans.

The cuts will soon come after the amazing jobs in the third season. MG executive director, Barra Barra, is trying to try to to make the company fairer, from the sale of US auctions they will grow higher compared to the # 39; their registered year in 2016 and sales in China – the other pole of GM benefit – is also badly bad. On the other hand, Barra is providing resources to attack the creation of electric cars and, in the future, to attack vehicles that drive themselves.

"We are taking these steps while the economy is still strong," said Barra to reporters in Detroit. "This business is changing rapidly. We want to make sure that we are well placed. We believe that it is right to do so long as the company and the economy are strong . "

MG division rises 7.9% to US $ 38.75, the highest percentage since July, at 11:16 a.m. in New York Stock Exchange. Departments still fall by 7% this year.

The plan for issuing 15% of salary staff continues to offer a round of grants to around a quarter of the senior staff at the end of October. GM said that the cuts will increase US $ 6 billion cashflow by the end of 2020 and as a result there will be a single cost of up to US $ 3,800 million in total; fourth quarter of this year and its first season of 2019.

GM also said that the company will have to stop the next year; making the sedans Buick LaCrosse, Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac CT6. The Chevy Volt plug-in double band will be completed along with the Chevy Cruze sedan, which will be made in Mexico for other markets.

After the political closure that had already been made, as Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, found out that he had already been said to be just "deep deception" to Barra. US Plants They are in areas that have been economically destroyed by job losses and their. emphasizing wages for decades, which allowed Donald Trump to take over the US. in 2016.

General US, Rob Portman, a Republic of Ohio, said he "was very unhappy" with a GM decision to close a plant in Lordstown and to push Barra to give another product to factory.

Barra reduces staff from districts. Carrying out automatic automobiles and employs people who are capable of designing electric cars or software to GM Cruise LLC, the automaker devolved vehicle unit in San Francisco. That means GM needs to allocate additional resources to electric cars, compared to the technology of Volt, and independent technology, Barra said.

MG delivers more than 6,300 salaried workers who work each time in their plants, and 15% of salaried workers in North America, which include more than 14,000 people -obrach.

The Detroit car plane business company identified in Detroit, a comparative car park in Ohio and another co-operative center on the outskirts of Toronto for closing its potential. Two attractive plants are at risk, one outside Detroit and the other in Baltimore.

Although GM has provided funding to staff at its main car, in the last year it has sent 1,000 people to a Tour.

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