MG staff will go out after calling Oshawa's planting phones. slap in the face & # 39;


Eugen Weber, a 38-year-old MG worker, will talk about The Globe and Mail before joining General General Motors' general car center at Oshawa, Ont., Air 26 November 2018.

Fred Lum / The Globe and Mail

Carl Dillman heard some ideas about the Oshawa's General Motors plan in the last time – he or she might be able to build a new truck, or a # 39; perhaps the Chevrolet Cruze. It was not ready to listen to the plan.

After a break of media reports on Sunday afternoon, MG confirmed more than 2,500 Oshawa plant workers on Monday morning, after more than 100 years in the community, that he would decline there before the end 2019. Mr Dillman, lift -truck at a car park, left in a shell.

"I did not think it was going to happen," he said the Globe and his mail at a Monday union meeting at Unifor Local 222 headquarters, a short drama from the plant. Hundreds of people were just turned into the room, some who were so heavy to stay in the cold water in November; blocking vehicles from entering or leaving. leave the plant Mr Dillman has been at the center for 37 years. "I wanted to do another three years – it'll do even 40," he said. "… It will be hard. I just hope that I do not have to sell my home."

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At the meeting, Unifor's national president Jerry Dias, local president, Colin James and planting chairman, Greg Moffatt said they would. affecting GM to honor the latest consensus in the area, which Mr Dias said they were ensuring they would introduce them through September, 2020. In heating, Speaking, he said he would meet the Office; Prime Minister this week, had spoken to moderate MG management and immediately asked a senior meeting with Mary Barraigh.

"We have a very simple debate about what to do," said Mr Dias to the crowd. "This is a trick. And it's a crime. And it's a message. They are not going to accept their decision, not one iota. The only decision we're going to include … we're going to build trucks, and our plant would be open to live for the life of the agreement, just a decision that we will take today. "

The Oshawa plant is the construction of the Chevrolet Impala, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Local Unifor members walked from work a few hours to shift on Monday morning, but Mr Moffatt encouraged staff to provide a different taxi when the day was over – by, show the value of their work. On Tuesday, he said, "You're going to pick up the tallest trucks and cars in your business."

The closing of its & # 39; runs through thousands of families – not just GM staff, but at wild plants and local businesses both inside and outside of Oshawa. But it hurts & # 39; Most for those who have a deep history of a vehicle collection for GM in Oshawa – such as Stephanie Nickle, 24, who will building rods for trucks at the center, and her mother, Laurie Nickle, 47.

"At least I'm young, and I can go back to school, but my mother is working here," Stephanie said when Unifor met her up, ; turn to Laurie. "How does that affect my father and my mother down the line?"

"What work do I find at my age?" Laurie asked to pick up a motor truck. "I do not know. I've been doing cars for 20 years. What can I do?"

Last morning on Monday morning; In the first of engineering, media and other staff that came to the day, there was only a hearing of its ability; plant to close when they were in; going on the news or on each other. The World and other media centers reported on Sunday afternoon that GM would plant the plant in the restructuring of its global activities to focus on devolution and nerve vehicles.

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Craig Laing got out when he turned on the radio as long as he was in. Driving on a truck and prayed that he would have been saved because he never heard that the plane would go into the car. "That's really beautiful, the car-park is going," he said before he started off. just punished after 6 a.m. "I hope I keep my job."

It would not be so lucky. A few hours later, after many staff started to start walking, MG officials provided information leaflets for plant workers, Michael Trevorrow, who was an active leader in manufacturing and North America's work, and verify that its entire plant would be n "#; decline by the end of 2019. Several other plants would also spend a short time.

The company had "carried out a number of surveys to consider options for the Oshawa Senate," but said that there was a move in car purchase patterns, changes to the GM product and the "non-use" of the building being encouraged to deliver new materials by the end of 2019.

The venue has been the boss engineer and Eugen Weber for 38 years. "The force here is a slap in the face," he said on his way into the pool. "This force has been bent over again to give the company what they wanted to do everything." There was a suspicion for years that this would be. happened, documented an Institute for Public Policy Research that suggested the proactive business solution after the financial crisis was just delayed, and did not stop, terminate MG and Chrysler activities in Canada by 2015.

"It's been a bit longer," Mr Weber said, but "I think that's a lot better than this happens."

The plant saves from rapidly closing in 2016 with a MG plan to invest $ 400 million to renew a synchronization line. Unifor said at the time the money was worried about the closure of the factory in 2019.

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But Mr Weber said the refurbishment was not completely practicable. "They are taking [truck] Fort Wayne, Indiana, all the way up to be completed, edited, restored and returned to the United States that will be sold. "

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