MG will cut six models and its; cut down


General Motors plans to close up to seven factories and broadcast their staff up to 10 percent.

The steps mean that six models are n "#; go to the grave when the Americans now want to swallow and electric cars.

US President Donald Trump will protest against the message.

Then the General Motors (GM) financial truth finally hit both the fighting against rising costs and its; dropping demand for traditional gasoline seats.

According to CNN, the savings result in the end of five such as: Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6 and XTS, and Chevrolet Cruze and Impala. But the Chevrolet Volt Charge Hybrid is falling for its & # 39; car.

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One of the staff at a GM factory in Oshawa, Canada, is replying to the closing message.

According to US critics, customers of the repair engine now want to swallow and pickups, although the impact of Tesla's clean electric cars has caused the double mirror; fall.

"Volt's amazing thing is myself, but even then I understand," said Mike Ramsey, a Gartner's transport analysis, to United Today.

"What they say is half an hour working – we need to run the line.

MG 54 saves

And although its company has a & # 39; Supporting around 15,000 jobs in North America, specially-qualified workers will be recruited, and Reuters writes. To a large extent, they learn the skills of electric vehicles and automobiles.

As fully included from 2020-2021, it saves $ 6 billion each year, equal to SEK 54 billion.

GM sends their message, Donald Trump, a number of needs. Among other things, it is explained that his steel targets had a & # 39; means that its company has lost a billion dollars just this year.

In the first phase, there will be two factories in the United States and one in Canada closed in the following year: Lordstown in Ohio, Hamtramck in Michigan and Oshawa in Canada. In addition, two factories in Baltimore and Warren will not have any goods after 2019 and therefore there will be a risk of binding, according to GM. In addition, two factories outside North America are also closed, but it is not clear what the ones are.

Donald Trump complains against the message

But for the US president it's a bad news. He has pledged that his policies put up traditional businesses in the states that they are now in a position; hit Ohio and Michigan.

It responds to & # 39; Comment says GM should stop cars in China and instead of doing them in the United States. This is because its & # 39; The company is now selling more cars in China than at home.

The president also states that in a telephone conversation with the Director of Mary Barra, he said GM needs to make new efforts instead of the loss of Ohio.

"The new factory bövel should open very quickly," Trump told The Wall Street Journal.

– I like Ohio. I told them that they gave up the wrong person.

The stock rises immediately

The closure in Oshawa means that there are almost 3,000 people; grow unemployed, according to GM. Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, writes on Twitter that he has been in contact with Màiri Barra to give her "deep break".

"MG staff have been part of the heart and soul of Oshawa for generations – and we will do everything we can to help families who affect the message to get back back, "the Trudeau writing.

After the exciting news day, MG closed five out of the New York Stock Exchange.

Unfortunately, Tesla has risen slightly more, just over six percent. And although its car company has a & # 39; Raising a lot of GM vehicles, the stock market value is worthwhile with its value; Most United States car manufacturers: market prices are $ 53 billion, Teslas over 59 billion.

They are the cheapest five cars in the world 00:44

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