MHB company established a back home company for legal benefit


This is the second courtroom, before the first test, to a question of money that flows 5,000 billion MHB flows; left, run the court, to resume the search to file.

Take the name of a sister, son to increase capital

According to their conviction, Huynh Nam Dung (who was the Chairman of MHB) and Mr Nguyen Phuoc Hoa (who was the General Director of MHB) passed on the resolution of the MHB Asset Committee and Debt Management to 4,975 VND billion for MHBS with content of investment collaboration with government bonds. MHBS has used VND3,357 billion to make thermal deposits at MHB's branches to enjoy interest rates over VND45 billion; Using VND1,558 billion to invest in bands (which has been used more than VND966 billion to market signage and the trading of MHB government bonds through a number of transitors).

Bankruptcy, trading in this ring has damaged MHB by almost 350 billion. In addition, MHBS opened personal accounts as self-commercial accounts to purchase certificates, resulting in an additional loss of 108.3 billion. The complaint explains MHBS as the "back left" MHB leadership. MHB was established by MHB in 2006. As the name is named as a sister who brings about 14 billion; Mr Hoa gave her son to almost 3 billion.

Both MHB, MHBS devices were subject to criminal investigation

In addition to Mr Huynh Nam Dung and Mr Nguyen Phuoc Hoa, the test also held with former MHB officials, MHBS as the Lu Thi Thanh Binh (who was General Director of MHBS), Dang Van Hoa ( who was Deputy General Tran My Linh (who was the MHBS leader), Truong Thanh Liem (formerly MHB), Nguyen Phuong (former MHB vice president) Vo Kim Phung (a Chief Executive of the MHBS Department of Inquiry), Le Viet Hung (who was General Director of Dai Phong Nguyen Equal Stock Company), Doan Hong Ngoc Director of Econ Plus Cooperative Stock Company, Le Nguyen Ngoc (who was General Director Capital Huy Khanh Company) and Phan Ngoc Nhan (who was Deputy General Director of Huy Khanh Co. Ltd). "Stopping up roles and powers as long as they are on duty".

Bui Thanh Hung (former MHB Deputy Director), Bui Hong Minh (former MHB Chief Executive, Nguyen Van Thanh MHB) and Bui Si Hieu (who was the Director of the MHB Operation Center).

At the trial, MHB's chairman Huynh Nam Dung, the first chairman of millions of dong, and MHB will lose nearly 500 billion dong.

According to Tan Chau


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