MHD in prison for exclusion by lawyer, his solicitor objects to inconsistency t


The rapper French MHD who is appearing for murder on 17 January, 2019, is still held. Situation that will force his solicitor, Me Arfi, who ignores inconsistency in this situation.

He is suspected of taking part in a shot that killed the young Loïk K. in the 10th area of ​​Paris on the night of 5 to 6 July 2018, the 24-year-old singer MHD has turned his back on his first birthday. It was held in hold from 17 January 2019. It is held. whose video demonstrates that the car was fired and burned after the attack and several videos feature a silhouette wearing a costume of the Puma symbol which is a t .

But his solicitor, Mr Arfi, has revealed a number of inconsistencies in this issue and re-claimed an appeal that week that a request for release was refused. according to the JDD. Apparently, a suspect heard that after the victim had died, he had met MHD at a grocery store around 23:00 that night with dresses and a T-shirt. The video may contain evidence that the silhouette with warm hair and Puma clothing may not be reflected in the videos. "We'll see people in the dark in a dark night". which report on the lawyer nominated by the JDD. According to the song, it is impossible to identify those individuals "The car (the Mercedes owned by MHD, ed) was specially used by all members of the community".

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