Miami SODBO messages About DRAGIC KOLEN! Doctors have done work that goes out …


Miami is obviously not known for a long time lost in Slovenian.

Dragic knee reminiscences did not show any damage to the fragments or handbags, which feared the headquarters and fans and, in fact, the Surnames would be a long time, and # 39 ; move away from the parquet. However, Miami doctors decided that they would immediately take the water that was collected in the Goran knee and blocked its motion. The work was very successful, but there is already what this means for a Slovene person.

After a contract, Dragic lost a home match and will leave home when Miami left for two games away. Then there is a review, since they are going on; expects Dragić to turn the green light to return to the field on November 27th against Atlanta. "It was not so painful because I could not move the way I wanted to move. It was a feeling like having a balloon instead knee. I hope we've saved it now, "said Sloinnnis star.

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