Mica Viciconte came quickly Sol Pérez and Cristian U with controversial publishing


Sol Perez said in recent years, when he took part in Combat, suffering his distress from his companion and said he did not get it. piquits as a vote for her & # 39; competition. In particular, notwithstanding everything and gave it to; quilombera to refuse his ideas. However, the previa del Show cameras were also requested by Mica Viciconte, who were also part of the tour and her. Share lots of hours with the first GH.

While her sweetheart Cubero was a clarifying that she was not part of the cycling in the season that everything happened, she agreed he had other uncomfortable situations with Cristian U. "I had a lot of With it, it was not part of my team but the competitor and the team I can say that it is a complex one in the game, I did not worry about his part as it was; Sun, but I had strong decisions and arguments because of their competition. "

And it closed: "The fact is that I do not want to get into something that does not respond to me but I can tell you that I'm on the side of Sol, because I know something about it, I'm going out: I can not get tired or not in season but I do not have a good memory. "

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