Michael Clarke has a new idea, & We will not win s *** & # 39;


Michael Clarke has been announced with the old Test Teammate and the nemesis Simon Katich for saying "we are not going to win s ***" by doing it. stimulating an invasive cricket tradition.

The Australian senior captain of Clarke strongly spoke Tuesday, but Katie said he had his ideas about Aussie's crazy cricket that was unfamiliar.

"Once again we've found someone missing a thing," Katich told news about SEN About the BBCSouth Westerly

"That is the case, it was captured to be firmly disappointed and we must do that right as quickly as possible to give respect to the cricket public in Australia and all over the world.

"We have been a team dissatisfied for a number of years through terrestrial behaviors and it is clear that it ended in Cape Town.

"It's a hard battle for this team to take responsibility for what's ahead of them.

"They can still play an Australian way of playing competitively and playing fairly, but not overlooking the roof and its # 39 ; exceed the rules they did in Cape Town. "

After a cultural review that was launched when a member of a ball member in Cape Town was shot, an Australian cricket appeared with a new mission statement: "Make a treaty with us, laughter, who fought with us, who dreams us. "

The statement has been greatly seduced by previous players and Clarke – known to Jimmy Anderson's best known as an Ashes Test for "preparation for a broken joy" – he warned that he could give a big ban on the results.

"You do not have to be everyone's favorite partners. A Australian cricket, I think, should have a worry about enjoying them and worrying about respecting me, "said Clarke on Macquarie Sport Radio.

"Hard hard play in Australia. As we are enjoying or not, that's blood.

"If you're trying to walk away from it, it's probably the best team in the world, we do not win s ***. We will not win a game. Boys and girls to win. "

Clarke defended the defensive star, David Warner, a key feature in the Cape Town disaster that was banished from leadership posts in the Australian team.

Notably named Steve Smith's quick skipper, Clarke stated that a team management had been managing Warner – the former captain before he fell – and his special features correctly.

"It's the style, it's very tall, your face is what you see by David Warner," said Clarke.

"You can have the greatest strength to be your biggest weakness. For me I was always liked to be in the team I was buying because it gave me that attack In fact, saying that there was always a line, he knew that one conversation about that line could not go over it.

"Someone needs to be in that command, in general you should be your skipper, that can be managed. If I get the best from Warner, what I'm thinking about, you need to give it as long as you want and then say, "Right, back, turn your head, that's enough, no longer."

"Yes [Warner] Bringing this forward to the Australian cricket team. You can not try to take that forward and then on the other hand, can not be persuaded or asked to be a pussy girl when it comes to being given.

"David Warner gives him particular fractions on the field as he wants him to take it when he is hitting. It's like turning, he does it better.

"The people who praise David Warner … they know. You must accept David for who and what he will give to the team."

Warner will be trained by Aussie archers

Clarke was lamenting that all the players were going out this summer, apparently, the Vietnamese captain Virat Kohli was the best person; in the prestigious Australian style.

"Virat class Kohli, full class," said Clarke.

"I like the way in which it plays. I enjoy it very much, and I like to attack it and most of the Everyone, I like his desires

"He likes playing for her

"That's how I taught. That's how I got up, watching Warney, Matty Hayden, the Border, Chappell. Looking at those people, They will learn for you when you walk to that area, you will fight for each running or tidy you get for your country, because it's so important.

"I'm thinking that Virat Kohli does that. I think that's why [the Australian public] hate him, because he does exactly what we are doing; do.

"And at this time, it's better than ourselves, unfortunately."

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