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Artwork by Yan Pei-Ming has been presented at a preliminary news on the show

Artwork by Yan Pei-Ming is featured in a preview of the "On the Wall" exhibition dedicated to the singer Michael Jackson at Grand Palais in Paris, France, 21 November 2018. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier

PARIS (Reuters) – A picture of Michael Jackson as King Philip II of Spain and Andy Warhol's print among artwork exhibited at an exhibition to open in Paris this week dedicated to the late pop stars.

The exhibition & Michael Jackson: On the Wall & # 39; in Paris & Grand Palais a & # 39; featuring many photographs and work inspired by Jackson to include collages, videos and innovations.

The exhibition was first shown at the London National Photographic Gallery in June.

Nicholas Cullinan, director of the National Photographic Gallery, hoped that the Paris exhibition would show the success of the event in London. He said that 82,500 people visited the exhibition there, including celebrities such as Madonna.

Artist "Kehinde Wiley of King Philip II (Michael Jackson)'s historic painting" the last song commissioned by the singer before he died, and shows the renowned artist in royal mode, a & # 39; carrying arms and horse riding.

There was a Jackson, King of Pops, who died at the age of 50 in 2009 following a pre-prescription of prescribed drugs.

Jackson grew famous as a children's star singing next to his brothers in the Jackson Five, including "ABC".

He then followed one-person career and followed a great deal throughout the world with songs such as "Beat It", "Thriller" and "Bad".

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