Michael Schumacher's family will produce an influential video


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The family of Michael Schumacher, a Formula One regiment story, has published a video, and remembers a two-month-old interview with his head in December 2013 where he identified rare things unknown to fans.

The Schumacher family decided to release this interview, which was not published before Schumacher was the 50th birthday in January.

The German rider spoke in his video about his best career, reputation and competitors during his time in the race, and responded to many questions. B & # 39; His greatest respect for the rival Micah Hickenin, despite the competition between them in the past 20 years in the "Formula 1" world.

Schumacher, a world-wide player and the old star of Ferrari, was being treated for a long time after a serious disaster at the Mireille French station. He was in a coma for six months before being transferred from a hospital in Grenoble to his home in Glan, including a deep silence from his family about his health since then.

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