Michalovce is the first time to come; for dogs


There are no drawings, do not sit to the owners.

20 November 2018 at 14:15 TASR

MICHALOVCE. On Leningradska Street in Michalovce, the town built its first time for dogs.

Its area is 1,687 square meters.

"Access to the place is secured by an unusual double gate to enter with dogs and a large gateway for tree and green entrances," said Adela Vojová from Baile Michail House.

There is a scrap breach and a home bar bar, two types for dog owners, a place for a dog, a bad dog base, and two smaller firearms for smaller and larger dogs.

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"In this area, strengthened sovereigns are also raised when they enter and out," she said.

A meeting with owners of a garage was in advance with construction and construction.

"Based on the design, they settled the Michalovce ground so that one side of the 71.5 meter fence could be used in the back of the wall of its lattice. they had some of the Sobraneka fence 23.6-foot long-standing wall. The remaining two parties in terms of a traffic problem were poorly designed from the mesh, "said Vojová.

Mail & # 39; The first time for dogs in the city is 18,000 barley.

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