Michelin: aims to increase its operational output in 2019 despite China


(Update: Description of Q4 performance and market projections for 2019)

PARIS (Agedfi-Dow Jones) – Monday miracles fire engineer on income and operating income confirmed up in 2018, despite his / her. Most of the markets are rough and ready and strong cash effects.

For the whole year, the Clermont group had a net income of 1.66 billion euros, against 1.69 billion euros in 2017. 2.77 billion euros had an active product. Euros, against 2.74 billion euros one year earlier. The income was 0.3%, 22 billion euros against 21.96 billion euros in 2017.

At a regular exchange rate, Michelin's revenue increased by 4.1% and the operating income was up 11%, thanks in particular raising prices in 2017 and how Fenner received, in early 2018 .

Issues were up 0.9% per annum. "After the first season of decline, 2% have expanded overseas over the next nine months, due to the decline in a Chinese demand and how it was first raised, "said the group in a statement.

However, its group has benefited from the numbers in the # 39; fourth quarter in the US market. "The end of the year has been better than expected," said Michelin CEO Jean-Dominique Senard at a news conference.

According to FactSet, financial analysts expected a total average profit of 1.69 billion euros, operating income (2.bitb) of 2.67 billion euros and an income of 21.68 billion euros. iour.

Their company also created a free cash flow before they were out of 1.27 billion euros, versus 1.5 billion euros in 2017. It aimed at a structural cash flow of over 1.1 billion euros.

In 2019, in a market environment that is still "remote and uncertain", Michelin focuses on increasing volume by trends; global market and other increase in operating income, regular exchange rates and construction impact. He said that the Camso Canada and British companies Fenner would add 150 million to the product, and the increase in raw materials and logistics costs will be up to around 100 million euros. Exchange rate impact may be slightly higher according to January's exchange rates.

The company has a & # 39; expects a small increase in passenger passenger cars and commercial vehicle light market, between 0.5% and 1%, in a heavy goods carriage market between -0.5% and + 0.5%, and 3 growth of 5% in a special fire market.

His group also said that he would Enabling other construction opportunities after buying Fenner, Camso and the Indonesian Multistrade.

Michelin will recommend a share of 3.70 euros per share for the year under review, compared to 3.55 euros for the previous year.

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