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So Michelle Obama finally tells his truth.

He has always felt that she had her own truth and that, if it was not like her husband who expressed her with a high laoquence, made it better and simpler, as a girl from South Side Chicago. "You're waiting to get Barack out of the office," some of us said, "Michelle tells how he is."

Now that journey is coming. Obama will call his "Becoming," memory and the title deserves his mind. Not only because it is elegant and simple, but also because it is a pleasing indication that it's a completely human, Creating a more perfect person, as it was, was a process without a finishing line. We all, always, grow.

Here, then, this is the first statement; at the first woman on which her & her; that process, standing 54 years after her birth to Fraser and Marian Robinson, who built her in a small room on Euclid Avenue. It is a story about his father's slow slowing down from MS and his best to go to; Submit, from going to Harvard, to & # 39; taking forward the prestigious work, to meet the wonderful legal student who was always late for everything, closing up with a pass back to the president.

And yes, it is the story of how a white Republican, who is capable of responding to the idea of ​​a black family in the White House, but that he can not say correctly, is – called "angry" on his backside. She remembers her & # 39; Chyron on Fox "News" who referred to her as "Obama's Baby Mama … to find out what I put out even even my own wedding."

Length (s: m: s) It was hard and worried, too. But for those who were unhappy with the translation of her husband's wish, she had to go to her; Rebellion as the demolition of the Republicans and all clan codes in their army, Michelle remembers. "I felt emotions that Barack could not be able to feel."

Perhaps it's right, though that does not mean that it's not so hard to be on & # 39; Look at the person again to smile and smile. get out to people who just spit on it. One is thinking of Jackie Robinson. Inside, he poured over the "image of the patient's black shoes. I expected to create." Outdoors, he played a ball.

We do not know – it may not have been the case – Barack Obama did the same thing, splitting inside, playing outside balls. So the first woman facts have to do enough. What's that, yes, she saw what they were doing. Then she did what she needed to do, to ask for children in places to be forgotten, and pushing food for healthier choices, representing her country on state tours and her; smile for pictures "by people who name great names on the national television, but they still want to keep a frame for the cover."

On an election night, when he started to look like America's harassment and disasters chose to replace "hope and change", she went to bed early because she wanted "that truth to achieve as far as I can. "

"Give her here," she writes, as if he had been excused because he can not give a happy ending, "because this is not easier to be easier. It would be the same if America is a simple place with a simple story. For I can only show my part in the orderly and sweet lens. If there were no steps back. And if all the sadness , when he came out, he had been rescued at the end.

"But America is not there, and I'm not at all. I do not try to bend this in any perfect format." So we'll do it. do with that incomplete shape instead. Given not just Michelle Obama who is still growing.

America is also.

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