Michelle Rodriguez complains for Liam Neeson to defend


Michelle Rodriguez has been discouraged for defending "uncertain" about Liam Neeson in terms of his controversial attitudes to revenge.

An Actress widows Neeson's support match after he indicated that he was actively seeking black people to perform a "revenge" conviction in response to a close-up relationship.

When asked about her controversial comments, she argued that Neeson could not be a clan chief because of her; It was on the screen with a black star Viola Davis in the director Steve McQueen WidowSouth Westerly

Liam Neeson

She said: "Dude, did you look Widow? His tongue was so long on the neck of Viola Davis. You can never say that it's been a racist ever. Clanmasters do not work out with the race they are doing; hatred, especially in the way in which he is doing with a tongue – as deep as the neck.

"I do not remember how well you are an actor," she said. "It's all attractive. Do not know it. It's not a genius. It's a lovely man. It's all lying."

After that Rodriguez added the following excuse to Instagram: "For my friends and colleagues and my fans and my community: I want to make a big deal of disappointment for my recent term of choice, and on due to poor practice, for example.

"In a tight situation, I defended a friend in the wrong way. I now understand how unsure it was, and I did not intend to This was the same historical comparison. I learned from here, and I grew from it.

"One Love, MRod."

At the same time, the filmmaker Spike Lee has said that the ideas of Neeson are surprising, asks if the Irish actor was in a position; make the statement as a matter.

Malcolm X's leader spoke ahead of the Bavas, where he had his film BlacKkKlansman compiled for a number of prizes, & # 39; including best film.

Asked if he was angry about the ideas of Leeson, Lee told the Andrew Marr Show: "Oh no, I do not understand what he was doing. It's a strange world, sad we are living.

"I did not speak to Liam. I do not know why he did it but he did so he is going through now.

"I saw the clip, one of the shortcuts on his excuse trip, and did not look happy."

Asked if he would give Neeson after his comments, Lee said: "I tried to give him one go. And so far, we have not got money for that movie just one day we will.

"But I do not think I'll go back to it. It's too old now. That was a long time ago.

"It's bad around him.

Spike Lee

"I heard that he was promoting his new film on revenge. I know he was a Catholic. Was this kind of message? I do not know you had to ask him."

An BlacKkKlansman Director of BBC One's program said: "People need to understand history. The Ku Klux Klan was created to save a unique white, final woman.

"Who knows how many innocent black people were killed, who were thrown or punished or spent in prison only because a white woman said," The That black man got out of need "?

BlacKkKlansman, named for six Oscars, tells the story of a black police officer who flows his / her; Ku Klux Klan.

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