Michigan RB Berkley Edwards takes off the field after scary shoes


ANN ARBOR – A football player in Michigan had to be thrown away from the Saturday night field after a terrible sadness when the fourth time returned.

Berkley Edwards, a fiftieth year of age, running back, when Hitler got a snapshot from Cam Jones, who was a Indiana bridge, with 6:03 remaining.

Edwards entered the Michigan Park area for several minutes before Michigan tractors put their bags and helmet and put it on board. He seemed to be aware.

Cam Jones was drawn for a target and, after further investigation, was removed from the game to a chorus of 110,118.

Edwards, walking on this season, has featured in eight games for this season for Michigan. He played the final season in Central Michigan, and the last two finals in Minnesota.

Chelsea, Mich., Native, Edwards is also the youngest brother of Brayl Edwards, a leading dentist in Michigan. Elder Edwards started in Twitter shortly after his brother was removed:

Edwards was the second player in Michigan to leave the game as a result of the injuries, Chase Winovich, who had started under his own power by 7:39 to go to the third quarter after a blow out of his arrest.

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