Michigan State anemic crime will deliver other strong defensive performance


LINCOLN, neb. – Connor Heyward took hold and was plugged up without a sound for 80-yard heating.

That was two weeks back in a Maryland prize. That's also the last time the Michigan State has visited a visit.

The Michigan State (6-5, 4-4 Big Ten) was held out of the head zone for the second game just and set it for two field goals in a 9-6 loss to Nebraska (4- 7, 3-5) on a windy, snowy Saturday at the Memorial Park. The protection made most of the most of them. Limit the Cornhuskers full-time, but crime has not reached the final finish in 131 minutes of game from Heyward score.

Saturday game to & # 39; representing the smallest points given by the Spartans as a result of a 6-3 loss against Illinois on 20 October 1973.

"I thought there was a degree of difficulty, it will come from the coach head too," said Marc Dantonio, a Michigan State coach, who lost the 26-6 team to Ohio State last week. "So I'm unhappy about the points … but the call was correct. There is a death bailiff involved here. Some of the weather, some of it (Nebraska) is doing plays on the ball, some of it. "

Nebraska has a late collection for a 9-6 win against the State of Michigan

Michigan State changed at quarterback when Rocky Lombardi replaced Brian Lewerke, who covers his shoulder. proper right behavior. However, the red-haired person can not bring life to less than 20 points in the five games of this season.

"We were just feeling like Brian had to rest this week until he was able to settle himself a bit, set his shoulder," said Dantonio from Lewerke, 39; he won the second quarterback game since he was wounded in a decision of the State of Penn. "It could be played."

Lombardi 15-for-41 finished passing 146 yards and went out and went on for 53 yards on nine attempts.

"We've got some early and late evenings," said Lombardi, and we just had not won them. "

Lombardi did not bother the weather he did not; see any floods with the people he got. However, several were on Saturday and Matt Dotson had a pair of passes away from his hands in the head belt.

"We had too many sounds, I was feeling," said Dantonio. "If you had to identify anything in the football game, you have to look at the fallen pass."

Michigan State made a trip through the game's black zone trips but left just six points of field goals by Matt Coghlin in his / her; first and fourth verses to build a 6-0 lead before Nebraska made nine final points of the game three times made. Coghlin also lost at 41-yards away from the left to the wind in the second season after Dotson was called for unsuitable behavior, which supported 15 Spartans.

"At the end," said Dantonio, "you have to put the ball in the head belt in the red field."

Rocky Lombardi started at QB for the State of Michigan in Nebraska

After Nebraska Barret Pickering was able to do three-way field goals just in the & # 39; Fourth quarter to bring Cornhuskers the first driver of the game with 5:13 for play, State State Michigan had two other types. The Spartans were punished on the # 39; the first one and turned over the second one before the Cornhuskers ran out of the clock.

The fourth and fourth opponents from the 29-yard Nebraska line, Dantonio maintained the crime on the field and the Lombardi pass for the tight end of Matt Sokol was incomplete. Coghlin has 49 yards long-lived but the Spartans went into the same strong wind that was not; can change from 41 yards out in the second quarter.

"I was trying to argue something, for one … we can not break a site 46- or 47-yard garden because of the wind," said Dantonio . "We had to go down to 20."

Michigan State outgained Nebraska on the ground (143 to 103) and through the air (146 to 145) and won a stocking time (34:39 to 25:21) but did not re-invent a crime win.

"You need to be able to settle it out and look at it and say, well, what's the most important thing here?" Dantonio said. "But, you have to identify the points. We are all-inclusive. We're a football team. We do not score for crime and external protection, and We'll have a football team and we'll miss together. Outdoor teams are a 42-41 call, they're going on the other side in trouble. "

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