Mickelson gets Pebble Beach Pro … Total 44 wins


Phil Mickenson, who won his fifth prize at PGA Tour Pebble Beach Am in the US PGA Tour for five days,

Michelson was a birdie in his fourth round of athletic at Geama Golf Golf Beach, California, and finished with seven installments in the fourth round.

Bloody Michelson, the game did not finish into the sunset, bad record due to bad weather yesterday (11th).

Michelson, who finished at par 19, won the competition by destroying Paul Casey with three strokes.

Michelson has won the 44th PGA career career after winning the World-wide World Cup Competition Competition in March, first time in 11 months.

This is our first broadcast in the 2018-2019 season.

In particular, Mark Omar was the best player in the & # 39; competition, and won the 5th general in this competition.

Michelson, who had the 16th hole 6 slightly smaller on the previous day, jumped to third place ahead of Casey.

In the restarting game today, we impacted on Par 3 17 and we ended up with it, Final with a bird button by adding the third picture in the last 18 holes to 2 m.

My grandfather won the caddy once again as he worked as a worm. Michelson said, "There was a special week for me. I'm particularly excited every time I come here."

"The US Open is a completely different course, and has nothing to do with the war," said Michelson, who also evaluates whether Opening the SA to be held here in June of this year,

Casey, who had three holes left, finished the second in the walls with a picture at the 18 holes.

Kim finished the day with 13 in total and finished his fourth day with Jason Day.

(Picture = Getty Images Korea)

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