Micro-flats cause fever as young customers are willing to stay tight


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Young people in major cities do not have smaller care, they need a suitable place, connectivity and good facilities.


Young people in major cities do not have smaller care, they need a suitable place, connectivity and good facilities.

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) recently mentioned that the future micro-apartment report on a global housing market? which refers to the type of housing only does a car park have a car park; becoming popular in the cities. Half of the population of the world lives in urban areas, with limited land and high levels that occupy; stay, so her home has been a real challenge for young people,

This study shows that micro-flats have started to & # 39; prosper over density population towns. The average area of ​​each unit is 27 to 37 square meters, with a car park. These small little glazing are called home emergency solutions around the world.

David Venance, of JLL Capital's Market Banker, who has a recruitment level of just 1%, says that the micro camera is a good solution to housing demand, while the room in the area with access to public transport.

This generation of young rulers want a modern environment that links all three elements of life – play more than the previous generation. Although the oldest generations have been dreaming about being in a hurry, settling in the big houses of the hills, many young people prefer small rooms in the middle of their home and to know laundry, cleaning and a party on the JLL survey UK also shows that young people do not; take care of their problems or lack of privacy – they must only have a suitable place, fitness and comfort.

Small room at Binh Duong. Photograph: Duy Tran

Stephen Wyatt, General Director of JLL Vietnam, said that the demand for affordable flats is a demonstration of micro-apartment capacity in HCMC and Hanoi. Most home-makers offer a & # 39; The first time paid only for larger sailings in companies far from the middle of the station; town. But in mind, young merchants want to stay in a comfortable place, so they are still "to buy the smallest or smallest part of the project" with full community resource and connectivity.

Many owners started building rooms with full facilities such as hotels. However, the ultra-small furniture does not have to have the luxurious facilities. By allowing project developers to go to; launching blood cells that effectively cost & # 39; help you to deal with the

The microphone will use a range of safety solutions such as convertible beds, folded beds, expanded food tables, and hang out. For example, in a micro-flat in Stockholm, architect Karin Matz designed a mattress on a blackberry with a rack that was washed.

Sliding doors and corridors can create a private space and divide the room compartment without taking too much space. And once fast-looking robbery furniture has been popular, a bedroom member can switch to a living room or office with one button.

Smaller rooms can also give a wider sense of size when they have large windows, direct storage and sliding doors. In Beirut, a local 15-square studio architect designed a wider look by painting all white to spread natural light across the windows, awareness of breadth and breadth. more widely.

In the urban population growth context, this is not the only solution to housing shortage in the world. Developers also have more creative ways to use small places, as a revival, a new section created in a shared economy. In a living place, foreigners live together in a house or in a room, and kitchenette, restaurant room and other residences.

From San Jose town to San Juan, colleagues provide many common and well-known areas; organizing community activities to bring people together, and improve health services, help with their clients; price The rent is much lower than the same bedroom.

The JLL report shows that the way people are live and work naturally. Demonstration changes face housing challenge. Then markets will expect ideas of progress in the use of places, particularly in urban communities closely.

According to Vu Le / VnExpress.net

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