Microsoft advertises as long as it is & # 39; read email


The Aggiornamenti Lumia Italian news website has found specific email ads from a Microsoft email user.

The current mailbox today is full of unwanted campaigns and offers. Although advertising has been restricted to messages they received, even in the future, the e-mail user will be exhibiting.

Microsoft is considering importing into the box. The work found on the Aggiornamenti Lumia of Italy website with the Redmonda giant in beta and email versions, was the option of a basic email reader in Windows 10. Testing that It was only Microsoft based for some countries, including Brazil, Canada, Australia and India, which aimed at Windows 10 Home and Pro operating systems that did not have Office submissions 365. Testing stopped Following the high reviews of the online community (over time?). Why not advertising in other parts of the world also reveals.

Aggiornamenti Lumia

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