Microsoft can be Xbox One & # 39; Digital Only & Any One Next Year


Following the news that Sony would be totally from E3 the next year – both within the event and around the Los Angeles area in the same way, as EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda and & # 39; hosting their own annual conferences – Microsoft-friendly sources of future plans (such as Thurrott reports) have said that its company is expecting to run; publish and distribute a modified Model of the Xbox One sometime next year. What is longer, this review does not include a driver of disk and is defined as "digital only", and # 39; Arrive at around $ 100 cheaper than the current Xbox One S.

However, for the best ones with corporate / shop versions, it is alleged that Microsoft, together with this news, will be a. The showcase of a "digital to disk" program that is changing a corporate disk for downloading that game, by retailers. It is not clear although this program comes at an additional cost or requires a small fee.

It is important to note that although this consortium is only a recycling of the current Xbox One model of the company and not the next Scarlett project – name for the next Xbox console to get & # 39; Contest against PS5 S-West Stories also say that Microsoft is still unsure about whether Scalett includes a disk driver or not – & # 39; maybe using a Xbox One module that's a & # 39; come in for trying to get to consolation only only.

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