Microsoft captures a large sync across a patent


When you are thinking about legal technology, you might remember Apple pulls out of Samsung's technology giant Samsung wanting to say he is copying his designs for the iPhone. Or maybe you are thinking about it Waymo pull Uber, representing the giant who was retiring to steal used trade secrets for the development of self-driving cars.

This is not that a form of law.

Instead, Microsoft, Friday, requires the business to be manufactured in Taiwan, which it has traditionally designated as Foxconn Technology Group for unpaid duties and without making proper paperwork. scheduling.

This is just the last question on Foxconn. The company became a domestic name ten years ago when some were there staff committed suicide, drawing attention to work conditions in its manufacturing centers. Closer to this day, the company is coming under fire to promise to build a $ 10 billion manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.

Submitted by law in San Jose, California, and originally found by Axios, Microsoft states that it has failed to comply with Foxconn to follow its obligations under the agreement of a six-year patent. back. As part of his consent, it appeared that Foxconn regularly reported royal accounts to Microsoft, explaining the sale of any products under their control. It was also thought that Foxconn would pay your money on these materials.

“Microsoft commits itself to the fact that its contracts will be seriously responsible and we expect other companies to do the same,” said a Microsoft spokesperson. "This legal action is the use of the terms and conditions of a contract which we signed with this Hai in 2013. Our working relationship with Hon Hai is important and we are working to resolve our disagreements. T "

Foxconn didn't reply immediately to a request for a comment.

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