Microsoft controls over 99 websites linked to grasses from Iran A-NIS


Microsoft has been given a court order to control 99 websites that told the Iran wader group to attack, the company writes in a blog post on Wednesday.

Microsoft put a case against a group of Iranian grasses who had different names, such as APT35, Phosphorus and Charming Kitten. The grasses were used to make phishing attacks.

With the attacks, the crowds would try to steal fragile information from companies and governments. This largely related to logging information. Journalists and educators were also targets.

The hackers used websites with domain names like, and They pretended that there were security issues with their accounts and they asked the victims to log in again during the domains. Separated data was then saved.

It is not clear if the information has been stolen. These habitats are now with Microsoft, and are no longer used.

Microsoft has taken more of the land names in the last years through a court order. Last year the company received six land names, which were abused by a group of state beaters called Fancy Bear and APT28 to perform phishing attacks.

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