Microsoft includes Defender ATP for Mac


21 March, 2019 –
Microsoft re-named Windows Defender Better Defense Microsoft – Enhanced protection protector – because: The solution is also appear for Mac.

Microsoft announces that the security solution Defender Advanced Threat (ATP) will be available for a Mac. ATP protector is the Microsoft security security solution and should not be confused with the Defender security software manufactured in Windows 10. Instead, ATP Defender is a protective platform from a destination. In-House support will also provide for user-friendly environments. The extension to Mac platform will change the solution – instead of Windows Defender ATP, it is known as Microsoft Defender ATP.

Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac is currently in a limited preview and antivirus resolution can be passed to the center via the ATP Defender Site. The DefeP ATP supporter will run on MacOS Mojave, High Sierra and Sierra. As part of the prospectus, protection of the virus could be solved and scanned. In addition, threats can be checked through Site ATP Defender and steps can be taken. The administrator can also make specific choices with Into or the Mac administration console, so that the user can choose to make their own choices. The solution is also updated on Macs through Microsoft Autoupdate. The ability to clear and fix the client through Intune will be added to shortly.

In addition, Microsoft intends to expand Mac's operations in the coming months to include end-of-business search and response as well as risk management and vulnerability. Defender ATP was only struck on February 7 and 8.1.

At least the same day that users of Microsoft Defender for the Mac should appear, it is unclear. Customers at Microsoft Defender ATP who are interested in the prospectus can apply to this page.

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