Microsoft invites companies to stop Internet Explorer Technologies


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11 February 2019 23:33

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However, as this has been far beyond the browser, the company wants people to discover old customs and switch to a modern browser

Microsoft recognizes that a large number of organizations use older versions of Windows, as well as Internet Explorer that are included in them. However, because this has been far beyond the browser, its & # 39; The company wants consumers to remove old customs and switch to a modern browser.

In her blog post, Chris Jackson, Microsoft high the cybersecurity architect said their use Internet Explorer– giving a ton of technical problems to companies. Just adding, using IE, organizations that & # 39; creating additional costs by lowering the smallest line of text; face, instead of choosing a modern solution that will be best for them over a longer period.

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Jackson said there are still companies that use it Internet Explorer 6, based on standards since 1999, so they can not properly give new site displays. Misfortune has been trying to overcome the problems arising from the previously restricted use Internet Explorerand one of them also created a showcase for companies from 2014.

This method allows running sites in the way they have done in previous versions Internet Explorerto avoid coherence issues. In fact, there is only a "split" because the same solution is really moving to new ones lookSouth Westerly

In 2016, Microsoft have completed support for IE 8, 9 and 10, and developers have most of its nets; make sure they do not conform to their results Internet Explorer- om. However, this site will still promote the second situation after being used by a market share of 10.46% (all versions of IE together), as long as it is thereafter Edge because now he is living in his & # 39; 4th place with 4.30 per cent, move PC PressSouth Westerly

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