Microsoft is asking us not to & # 39; using Internet Explorer


Microsoft is about to stop Internet Explorer as soon as possible. Microsoft is about to stop Internet Explorer as soon as possible.

he is Microsoft Edge Web Browser in connection with the Windows 10 operating system, the most cost-effective electricity, Microsoft has already been proven with the test itself. This included the video services on Surface Book, Netflix, and the main browsers Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Google Chrome. Using the Microsoft Edge Web Browser in conjunction with Update 10 Creators, 12-hour re-video devolution was 12 hours; long, and some smaller. In addition, it is very reliable and incredibly safe from online attacks.

The benefits of Edge's web browser listed above are the main reason why Microsoft wants us to stop doing the # 39; use your latest web browser as soon as & # 39; as possible Internet ExplorerIn the world In the world, many PC users still use Internet Explorer that is now, and this is especially true for business users who are currently in business; accessing software that has already been used. At an old day browser, 10.49 per cent of users of echoes and laptop computers are still payable, but almost a newer and newer web browser is just 4.30 per cent of users.

The move to the Microsoft Edge Web browser may not be attractive at this time, and this may change over the next few months. The new Edge will be based on the Chromium drama, which is used among others in Google Chrome, Opera, Vivialdi, and more. So, the upcoming Microsoft Edge web browser users will offer all the technologies and tools that are already part of their favorite web browsers, and including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In accordance with Internet Explorer, Microsoft must agree to the new author, but this should not affect the new features of the new Edge browser. The new driver will add new features gradually into the Edge web browser, and will only be available to Windows 10 users. Users will be able to expand any program is compatible with Google Chrome's web browser at present.

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